Greetings from a hot Iowa..


It's icky out...

The temps continue to be in the upper 90′s, and lower 100′s.  This evening it has finally started to cool off.  A front is slowly coming through and you can feel a slightly cool breeze.  Was finally able to go on a bike ride to Gray’s Lake and back.  Left at 5:30pm and returned by 7:00pm.  Still ended up a sweaty mess by the time I arrived back, but felt good to get out.

My foot is doing better, does not hurt when I walk on it, but I can feel some tightness in my heal that makes me limp a bit.  Suspect it will go away in time.  Hoping to be able to get back to ice skating at least once a week soon.

My trip to Milwaukee on Thursday went well.  Both flights were not very full.  Did not have people sitting next to me – so was able to spread out and enjoy.  This will probably be my last trip on AirTran before it gets transitioned into Southwest due to their merger.  Hoping they continue a direct flight from Des Moines to Milwaukee, but I suspect they will not.  Will probably have to go Midway in Chicago and then to Milwaukee…  It will also suck to loose the ability to upgrade to business class for an extra $50.00.  The wide chairs were nice….

It was nice to see my coworkers and manager in person.  Was able to spend most of the day with the consultant to go through his programming techniques and determine exactly what he had completed and working.  Manager then had lunch catered in from Rosatti’s – nice of him.

After work I was able to meet up with Todd and Roger for supper.  They usually have a full social calendar so was amazed it actually worked out.  We meet at Transfer Pizzeria and Cafe in the Walkers Point part of Milwaukee – south of Downtown.  Summerfest and Jazz in the Park were going on, so we thought it would be wise to steer clear of the general Downtown area.  Des Moines seems so boring in comparison to everything going on in Milwaukee…

It was cool to catch up on how and what they have been doing.  A few weeks earlier they were in San Francisco for the Pride events.  Was fun to hear about how that went and etc. The pizza we ordered was quite yummy – had a red sauce with pesto, sausage, cheese and artichoke hearts on it.

After supper I headed back to the airport to return the rental car (Chevy Cruze), print out my ticket and make it though security to my gate.  It all went like clockwork and I had 45 minutes to spare.  The gate area was a bit of a cluster fuck because there were four different Airtran flights leaving at the same time from adjoining gates.  I had a lady with her elderly mother sitting next to me while waiting. She was on the phone taking loudly about specifications for remodeling their home.  She seemed like a real hoo-hoo to deal with.  Glad she was heading to San Francisco and not Des Moines :)

The flight back only took 50 minutes and John picked me up from the curb.  I was quite tired and glad to be home…  Getting up at 4am makes for a long day….

John’s college classes start again tomorrow.  These classes appear to not have any team project associated with them – so should be much less drama for him to deal with.  Once of his classes centers around doing ASP .Net programming for web pages.  Will be interesting to see how John does at that.  He keeps telling me that he does not like to program.  To me that would be a fun class to take… even though you would think they would learn a non-proprietary open source web language like PHP.

Not much else going on.  To pass the time I have been playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty on the computer a bit.  It is an easy way to spend the evening.

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  1. I hate flying. It’s such a hassle and I’m far too fidgety to sit on a plane unless I have to.

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