Greetings from a hot and humid West Des Moines….

The digital thermostat by my desk said it was 96 out most of the day.  Has been keeping our air conditioner going full blast….

Work has been going well after being on vacation for a week.  I returned to 214 emails in my inbox, but most of them did not require any action from me.  Been able to focus on the large overdue project that I really want to have done and over with.  On Thursday I will be flying to Milwaukee, WI to spend the day with my co-workers, and a consultant who is leaving at the end of the week.  The consultant has been working on a large part of the overdue project, so I want to sit down with him and have him do a demo and explanation of what he did.  So much fun…

My right foot is doing much better.  Went to the walk-in clinic on Sunday afternoon and they x-rayed it to see if there is any bone damage.  They did not find anything – so decided it was just a case of bursitis, probably caused by my new ice skates not fitting properly.  They told me to continue taking Tylenol three times a day and hope for the best.

Has been feeling well enough to go for bike rides the last two evenings.  With the temps in the 90′s have been going on shorter rides around Raccoon Lake.  The trail is mostly shaded by tall trees so it is not too bad.  Takes around 45 minutes to go around the lake twice and make it back to the apartment.  Will go back to the 90 minute rides when the temps moderate..

Went grocery shopping this evening.  Wanted to go to Fairway, but there was a parade going on and could not get there.  Ended up going to Hy-Vee instead.  Store was not very busy, so was able to find $85.00 worth of stuff and get out in good time.

After I got the groceries put away, went out and watered the flowers.  They are doing well and the ground has been staying moist despite the high temps.  Think the humidity in the air is helping.

John spent the morning shopping for a replacement refrigerator for one of the apartments.  The used appliance store we used in the past did not have any.  He then checked several other places and it was the same story – the heat is hard of refrigerators and they sell the used ones as soon as they come in.

He then checked Menard’s, Home Depot and Lowe’s for new ones.  He found a decent one at Lowe’s for a little over $400.00 with a 10% sale discount.  It is a white “no-frills” 18 cubic feet model, but perfect for an apartment.  It will be delivered on Thursday and they will even haul away the old one.

Called our local Waste Management office to see how we can have the old water heater hauled away.  Have to purchase $35.0o worth of $5.00 large appliance tickets then they will pick it up on Thursday.  John says it really was not worth it to install the new water heater himself – he only saved around $100.00 over what a professional plumber would have charged.  Lesson learned….

Not much else going on.. have tomorrow off for July 4th.  Don’t have anything planned… yet…


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  1. They told you to hope for the best? Oy.

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