Greeting from a hot day in Des Moines….


Prince was posing for me. Too bad the window was behind him.

Right now it is 101 outside, but with a bit of a breeze that helps.  Attempted to go ice skating this afternoon, but upon my arrival was told a special event had the ice booked after 2:00pm. It was 1:50pm, so just left….  Went grocery shopping on the way home so it was not a completely wasted trip.

I need to get some skating practice done the next few weeks.  Need to get my new figure skates broken in and also get used to skating on them.  Went the previous weekend and fell down twice because I put weight on the front of the skate and the toe pick dug into the ice.  That will stop you dead and land you on the ice before you knew what happened.  The toe pick is designed for skaters to stop suddenly and jump into the air.  So using the figure skates is almost like starting over for me.  They feel and handle much differently then my hockey skates do.  Next time lessons are offered I’m going to take the Adult 1 class again so I can get the basics down – again.  Read some articles online and they say it take around 6 hours of rink time to transition to ice skates from hockey.

Spent most of yesterday watering the lawn.  The local news had an article about how grass goes dormant during hot spells, but that without some water it can completely die. Said that you should water it at least once a week to keep it alive now.  Had the sprinkler run for 45 minutes in each area.  With eight areas in total – it took around 7 hours to finish up.  Played computer games while waiting to change the sprinkler….


Watering what's left of the front lawn

Have not been feeling too great this past week.  Have a head cold and just feel icky.  Does not help that my right foot is still getting over the bursitious and is tender.  Still limp a bit when I walk.  It is the walking action that hurts the most.  Is not bothered when I ice skate or ride my bike…

John is starting to get into the meat of his two college classes.  He seems to like them better then the prior two. I’m looking forward to the day when he is done with the classes and gets a job.  Having a second income again will be nice.  With the apartment building guess it would be our third income, but who’s counting….

To help save money we have decided to not eat out very often.  So I’ve been cooking at home more.  Today we had brat burgers with corn on the cob.  Was easy and tasty.  You can’t live in Iowa and not eat sweetcorn in the summer :) It is not John’s favorite, but he tolerates it.

Been riding my bike almost daily.  On the really warm days have been going on 45 minutes rides around Raccoon Lake twice.  Half of the trail goes through the woods and is in the shade.  Have been seeing more wildlife around the lake then normal.  Lots of squirrels, rabbits and deer.  Believe the dry conditions has dried up small creeks and ponds, so they are going to the larger lake for water.  I see a doe with two small Bambi’s each time.  They are used to people and just stand there and watch you go by.



Nice picture of Gray's Lake

Not much else going on…  going to be lazy for awhile and watch some TV.  Hoping some aspirin helps my head feel better…

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  1. Our grass is pitiful. I wonder if it’s the same guidelines all over.

    • detnyre says:

      Probably. They said when it starts to get a golden straw color to it, then it is starting to die. If it is a dirty brown color it has just gone dormant. We received a bit of rain over the past week so the grass is starting to get a bit more green to it. Hope it contiues.


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