Greetings from a splendid evening in West Des Moines, IA…

Just came back from ice skating lessons.  The summer session of lessons started tonight.  I showed up for session B, when I should have attended the earlier session A.  They put me in a class with two 12 year old girls who are practicing the same things as the Adult 2 class.  Spent the class doing backwards skating moves. I did OK, but can tell I’m out of practice compared to the kids. ;)  Received two free passes to practice during public skating hours so want to go back a few times to get back into the swing of things.  Plus it is nice a cool in the rink :)

We are still planning our trip to the Apostle Islands in North Western Wisconsin.  We reserved an RV site at a casino up there.  Hoping it is nice, but have seen some mixed reviews online.  Now researching things to do and see.  Lot of it will be weather permitting but may need to reserve spots on some of the lake cruises ahead of time.  One of the cruises is on a glass button boat that gives views of ship wrecks below the water….

Work is going fine.  Back to work on a large project that needs to be tested and completed by mid-August.  So need to hustle and get everything in place.  Working with a consultant who is banging out some of the more complex programming while I’m concentrating on the functionality around the web services.  Looking forward to finally getting this project done, in production and behind me…

Have been spending time ramping up my XPages skills.  Last time I used them for a project was when I was working in Texas.  Most of it is coming back, but the more recent versions of Domino Designer has many improvements/additions to what XPages will do. In a few months my department will finally be allowed to develop using the newer development software.

John is working through the final two weeks of his college classes.  He has several group projects that are taking up lots of his time.  He has to compile group papers and participate in group presentations.  Can tell it is definitely not his favorite thing….

This coming weekend is the Capital City Pride Festival in the East Village part of downtown Des Moines. I plan to check out the festival grounds and parade on Sunday.  Would like to do Pride Day at Adventureland, but it is on Monday (6/11) and I need to work…

Not much else going on…  Heading off to do some XPages programming for a bit…

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2 Responses to 6/4/12

  1. Todd says:

    Milwaukee Pridefest is this weekend. We’re volunteering Friday night at a beer pod-gets us free admission and meal ticket. Belinda Carlisle (of the Go-Gos) is the headliner.

  2. Derek says:

    Sounds like fun!

    I put in to volunteer at the Des Moines Pride Fest, but did not head back from them yet. Will be interesting to see what the festival is like here. They get around 15,000 people attend it… so must be kinda good…


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