Greetings from a warm weekend in Iowa.

Temps will be getting into the low 90′s today with clear skies and a nice breeze.  Expecting some thunderstorms this evening.  The yard is starting to show signs of the heat with some patches of brown grass.


Flowers are doing ok - wish they would grow faster...

Friday evening John was not feeling very well – been dealing with a stuffed up head and congestion.  He did manage to install a new air filter in the Winnebago.  It’s been three years since it was last changed and we are hoping it helps improve milage for our upcoming trip to NW Wisconsin.


New air filter ready for installation


New filter on the left - old one on the right. Can see more light going through the new filter.


Vent where air comes in and goes through the filter.

Yesterday (Saturday) went to the flea market with Mitch at the Iowa State Fair grounds. This is the same monthly event I took my parents to in March.  It is inside of an air conditioned hall and it has free admission.  I like it because they have a large variety of junque at 200+ booths.  I ended up purchasing a few things:  Two miniature Maneki-neko statues to bring us luck, an XBox game, and three soy candles.  Very exciting.

On the way back to the car we stopped at one of the fair stands (Coney Corner) that was open and split a tenderloin sandwich. It was yummy – especially with lots of onion and dill pickles on top :)  There was also a large horse show going on so watched several horses being walked past by ladies wearing brightly sequined outfits.

IMG_3603.JPG  Then we meet up with Mitch and Dave for supper.  We went to a placed called Noah’s Ark that had been around forever.  I enjoyed a yummy calzone with salad and glass of red wine.  Hit the spot.  Afterwards we all hopped in the Jeep and John drove us around downtown Des Moines to see what was going on and to stop in at The Blazing Saddle for a drink.

Did not work out as planned because of the Pride Festival going on.  Could not get into the bar without paying admission for the festival.  So paid $10.00 for the bracelet that grants admission all weekend long.  Planned on going Sunday – so no big deal.  The festival is held in the Historic East Village part of downtown – not far from the State Capitol Building.  They block off two intersecting streets so the festival takes place in a + shaped area a few blocks long.  We then walked around the festival checking out a few booths and listening to the live entertainment.  Mostly some queen at the microphone who liked to hear himself talk with a few musical numbers in between.  Made it to the the Blazing Saddle bar but it was so completely swamped with people we got out of there and headed back to the Jeep.


Side view of the main stage at Pride Fest...

Not much else going on.  Heading back downtown to watch the pride parade and then heading out the Dave and Mitch’s place for supper.


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  1. That reminded me to check our local pride events.

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