Greetings from a rainy day in Iowa…

The weather has been moist for the last two days – a nice slow drizzle.  No complaints our lawn as getting dry and is appreciating the moisture.

Sorry about not posting much the past few weeks.  My daily routine continues to be work from home from 7:30am to 4:00pm, fix supper, do dishes and then go for a 90 minute bike ride.  When I get back I take a quick shower then watch TV and read.  I need to get back into the swing of blogging more…

Last night my bike ride was cut short because it started to rain.  I looked at the radar map and it showed a line of showers coming into the area but it looked like I would have at least 90 minutes before it hit us.  I was wrong,  45 minutes into the bike ride it started to drizzle.  Was lucky that all it did was drizzle so did not get too soaked as I made it back home.

Tonight it was still damp out so did not hit the trails with my bike.  Instead went to the Vally Fair Mall and walked around.  Ended up purchasing two pairs of shorts at JC Penny’s.  Wanted to give them some business because of their gay friendly policies and advertisements.

The past two weekends we went camping.  First to the Bob Shelter Recreation Area just north of Des Moines with Dave/Mitch, Don/Troy.  We had nice large sites next to each other with water and electricity.  Went on a bike ride with Mitch, sat by the campfire and ate/drank too much.

Then on Memorial Day weekend we meet up with Bernie/Mike, Dave/Mitch at the Lundeen’s Landing outside of Moline, IL.  We wanted a place that was central to Des Moines and Chicago – so along the Mississippi River.  We left at 11:30am and arrived by 3:30pm after stopping for a quick lunch at McDonalds.  So not too bad of a drive.  The park was located right next to the Rock River, but our sites were not directly on the shore line – those sites appeared to be for seasonal campers.

It was great to see Bernie and Mike again.  The last time we crossed paths was in 2010 when they came to see us in Milwaukee, WI.  We stay in contact by phone, but still spent the weekend catching up and chatting away.  On Saturday we went out and did some shopping at Mendards and Kohl’s.  Then on Sunday everyone, except myself, went to the Antique Archeology  store in nearby LeClaire, IA made famous by the American Pickers TV show.  I stayed back at the RV – was having a moment and did not feel well.  John said the store was like on the TV show, just a bit crowded with tourists.  He said it was almost like a museum with most of the stuff just on display, but not for sale.  He did pick me up a nice t-shirt.  As they left John noticed that Danielle has her own store across the street, but they ended up not stopping – now he wishes they had…

The weekend at the campground ended up being quite warm – in the 90′s.  It was all we could do to keep our motor coaches cooled down.  Most of the sites only had 30 amp service – so could only run one air conditioner unit.  Not good when you have 40 to 42 foot coaches.  Another annoying thing with the campground was that the seasonal campers would just walk right through our site while we were sitting out.  Think they just did not know any better or consider that it was rude….

We made some plans with Bernie and Mike to take a week long camping trip at the end of June when John has a break in his college classes.  We decided to head up to the Apostle Islands area in North Western Wisconsin along lake Superior.  We have never been to that part of Wisconsin before so should be fun.  We will not actually be staying on any of the islands, but probably somewhere close to Bayfield, WI.  Plan is to go on some tourist cruises around the lake/islands, check out some light houses, explore the shore line and maybe take a day trip to Canada.  I would have liked to camp in Canada, but don’t want to deal with having to take Prince there.  He would need an International Health Certificate and is more hassle then we want to deal with.

John has been getting quotes to have a 50 amp RV service installed on the side of the apartment building so we can plug in our RV and run the air conditioners in it.  When we arrive home after camping it gets very hot inside it while I’m cleaning and getting it ready for the next trip.  John believes he could do the wiring himself, but thinks it would be best to have it professionally done from a liability standpoint.  The quotes he has been receiving so far have been from $300 to $800.  He is waiting on a few more quotes to come in before deciding who to go with.  Is interesting to see how much the quotes vary for the same job.

This coming weekend we are going to stay home.  Partially to save money, partially so John can get ahead with his school work and do stuff around the apartment.  Camping three weeks in a row seems decadent now that we are not full timers.

Not much else going on.  I’m off to read for a bit before nodding off to sleep.

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3 Responses to 5/31/12

  1. Lori says:

    While in the Bayfield area, check out Cornucopia. There is a fantastic beach there. We were there last year in September. There is also a ferry you can take to Madaline Island. Great restaurants and bars there. Enjoy the trip. Lori

  2. Char says:

    C’mon Derek — John too!
    Two weeks is WAY too long to go without hearing from/about you two guys! We missed you! Glad to hear you had some good camping weekends.

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