Greetings from St Louis, MO!

We are getting a pretty good storm here at the St. Louis RV Park.  Lots of rain with some thunder and lightening.  Have the weather radio on to make sure we head for cover if a tornado develops….

Last evening we had a nasty storm cell go through West Des Moines.  We lost power for a bit while watching the storm from the front window via candle light.  John was listening in on the reports from the ham radio storm watchers in the area.  The storm blew three of the rain spouts off the side of the house (simple to reattach) and several trees in the neighborhood lost some large branches.  The worst damage we have is the large ham radio mast antenna broke at the base.  Here’s some pictures I took this morning:


Broken antenna


Tree branch down in neighbors yard


Another branch down across the street

Was not raining when we got up this morning.  Got showered and got final items packed up – John’s computer, toiletries and the cat’s stuff (litter, food & bed).  John got the Jeep connected and picked up some small branches from the parking lot and yard while I finished up.  We left the apartment at 8:15am and arrived here in St. Louis by 3:00pm.  The trip went well, but did encounter lots of wind and some rain on the way down.  Nothing too bad.  We took IA-5, to IA-34, to IA-27 to I-64.  Majority of the route is known as the “Avenue of the Saints“.  The last time we were on it, it was on and off 4  to 2 lane roads.  Now is the all 4 lanes – made for good driving.  The slowest part was going through Hannibal, MO.  The wind did not help our mileage – got around 6.8 mpg for the trip.

We stopped at a Flying-J to fuel up and grab some lunch at Denny’s a few miles from the Missouri border.  We paid $3.99 per gallon for diesel – we were hoping Missouri would have better fuel prices then Iowa, but not much different.  We do see diesel for $3.89 at a gas station not far from the RV park so will top off the tank when we pull out.

The owners of the RV park were happy to see us and got us situated in “our spot”.  :) Being back in St. Louis is cool.  It seems very familiar and welcoming.  The area around the RV park continues to improve.  We can definitely see the upscale condos and restaurants slowing moving north of downtown towards the park.

Once we got set up, John had me take the Jeep over to the automated car wash at the gas station across the street.  It was coated in dirt and road grime.  Went for the full $10.00 wash.  It took a good dent out of the dirt, but not all of it…  I need to get the Jeep back on a weekly cleaning schedule.

I forgot to bring Prince’s cat bed along, so we took a trip to a PetSmart to get him one.  We found one that is similar to his old one.  We then wanted to check out the MicroCenter computer / electronics store, but they had just closed.  Then we decided to dine out for supper at a Dicky’s BBQ.  Last time we were at one of these was in Arlington, TX.  Some good BBQ really hit the spot.

Even with it storming out, it feels good to be “back in the MoHo again” (sing that like the cowboy ‘back in the saddle again’ song ;) ).  Is nice to use it while not full timing in it.  Having lots of cabinet space and empty drawers made it nice to get things stowed away.  Looking forward to sleeping in the sleep number bed again while the storm rocks me to sleep. :)

Prince had adjusted back to the RV well.  He seems quite happy, playful and energetic.  Was worried he would spend the trip under the desk…  He has been bouncing around checking thing out like old times…

Not much else going on.  We do not have satellite TV in the RV, so I plan on getting lots of reading done this trip.  Been reading an interesting computer book:  Code Simplicity:  The Science of Software Development.  Much of it reinforces what I already know, but not all.  It is nice to see in print principles that have been working for me.  Need to get going. The storm is getting quite nasty outside and Prince is starting to meow…  The tornado watch for the St. Louis area has been lifted.

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4 Responses to 4/15/12

  1. Mark says:

    The St. Louis RV Park was the place where we first met you guys back in 2008 as worked our way to Canada. Oh, the memories!


  2. I was so excited to hear about your first RV trip. How’d you sleep? Was it strange cooking at a small kitchen? Was it weird using a tiny toilet? Did you just adjust yourself instantly?

    • detnyre says:

      Sleeping is great – love the sleep number bed. Our toilet itself is not too tiny, but poo-ing in a closet sized room with no windows where I can open 5 different cabinets, wash my hands and dry them with towel without getting up is odd.

      It felt like old times instantly … just with less stuff…


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