Greetings from our last Monday in Oregon….

It stopped raining last evening and it is a very pleasant day out.  Was able to have the front door open and no air conditioning running.  Prince loves spending the day on the front steps watching the world go by through the screen door.  I’ve been explaining to Prince that he is about to become an “apartment kitty”… he just stares blankly at me and meows…  Believe he will like having some extra room to run around and new places to explore….

Got in the Jeep this morning to go to work and it would not start.  The Optima battery in it gets run down if we only take short trips around town.  So we get the battery charger out and let it charge for 5 mins and then good to go.  Only happens one a month or so…. We did the normal charge and it still would not start.  John checked the fuses and finally found a loose cable.  After wiggling it the Jeep started right up…..  was only 15 mins late to work.

Had an extra busy day at work.  I’m “on call” this week so spent half of the day dealing with help desk tickets.  Bad part of being on call is that you have to deal with programs and systems that you normally don’t….  So have to quickly learn them and then figure out what is going wrong….  So much fun….

Offically started to clear out my cube.  Took three tote bags full of my computer books to the Jeep today.  That’s about 3/4th of the books.  Hope to get the remainder loaded up tomorrow.  Then just need to deal with fan, task light, office supplies, files and computer peripherals.  I’m trying to get most of the stuff to fit inside of “my bay” in the MoHo:


Pile of books ready to be stored away...

I’m looking forward to finally having my own desk at home.  For the past 6 years my “desk” has been the kitchen table and laptop bag.  Being able to leave my computer setup while eating supper will be a luxury.  :)

Forgot to blog about one of our neighbors passing away last week.  Thursday night walked out to the Jeep to go ice skating.  Noticed there were three cop cars and the medical examiners vehicle parked behind us.  Knew right away that someone passed away.  Took off for skating and John informed me that it was an older guy two units down from us.  He was on vacation the previous week and he did not show back up to work last week.  So on Thursday his employer alerted the cops by to do a welfare check.  Not sure when he passed – so probably was laying there dead for several days….  Hope he went quickly and did not suffer much….  Not a nice thought knowing we were living go close to a dead guy for a few days….. :(

Anyway… went for a nice bike ride around the park tonight.  The number of RV’s in the park is really starting to diminish daily.  The area we are in is down to half capacity.  It’s like everyone knows the crappy weather is about to arrive – so they are getting out while they still can….


Starting to empty out.... Soon our site will be empty...

Not much else going on…  going to relax and think about all the work that needs to be done when we arrive in Iowa next week….

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