Hello all John here…

Derek is off Ice Skating, since I kicked him out because I had a lecture tonight.  School is going well, but this session has been a lot of work.  I like both of my classes, and have very good professors, but I am still struggling to keep up.  It is a good challenge, and more has to do with subject matter than anything.  One is Statistics, which once I get through the terminology it boils down to pretty basic concepts, but it is getting through all the terminology.  The other is Database Design, which again, I like the class, but so much of it I just have never done, and even when I ask Derek he looks at me with the look of “silly academics, they don’t do that shit in the real world”…  So we are on week 5, 3 more to go!

I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before and right now I am too lazy to go back and look, but in the Stats class, the professor who does the live lectures works for NASA.  He’s just a hoot.  Funny as hell, and has this “down home Southern” plain English way of explaining things.  He writes some humor too under the name of B. N. Heard you can check it out here: http://www.cranksmytractor.com/

I really enjoy his lectures, and the class in general, but it is a lot to cram into an 8 week session.  A number of people in the park and Derek have been ragging on me for not wanting to do a lot, well, dammit, don’t mean to be a bitch, but back off a little, it isn’t like I have nothing going on here.

Anyhow I bring that up because lately I have been noticing these “events” happening that well–  they aren’t really deja vu, but sorta…  Ya know when someone talks about something or uses a word you haven’t heard in a very long time, and then the next day, or shortly after, someone else, totally unrelated in any way, brings up the exact same phase/topic/idea? Well, that has been happening a lot lately. Most recently, a old friend from SNI and I were talking on the phone yesterday and he was describing a Southerner asking if he wanted a “coke”, which in the South typically means any sort of cold drink, from water to actual Coca-cola.  In tonight’s lecture, Brent had the same exact example.  Now, we experienced some of that when we were in Florida and South Carolina, but simply haven’t thought much about it (why would I), but I find the coincidence of this same subject being brought up completely strange.  Oddly, I have a theory on it, though no scientific backing, but I suspect it has to do with the “6 degrees of separation” with some subconscious activity in our brains around pop culture references.  I believe the perceived increase in this phenomenon is due to our increase in social networking and communication with the “outliers” of our social circles through websites such as FaceBook and Google+.  In Google Speak it would be that our “Streams” are getting broader, and there is bound to be overlap of content.  Add to that the fact that us Humans are so much more a like than we really are different (and in the end all really want the same basic things), similar “triggers” attract our interests both consciously and subconsciously, which then become obvious in the crossing of those “Streams”.  It would be interesting to do or see some sort of study done on this…  Maybe I should name it and copy write the idea quick and go apply for some grant money?  :P   Wow–  Am I full of nonsense tonight!

The IA Building seems to be coming along.  Sent off the paperwork the bank requested Monday, and have not heard much back yet.  We are assuming no news today is good news.  I was able to get the Insurance somewhat sorted today.  What a joke.  I hate insurance, and insurance agents.  They are “almost” as bad as attorneys.  I swear not one of them put the same value on that building, and not a single company writes a similar policy…  it really makes it difficult to compare apples to apples.  For the homeowners we did end up choosing a local broker in Des Monies that was recommended by the realtor.  We will most likely be moving our vehicles with them also, as his rates were competitive.

Aside from that not much more to report here.

Have a good night.



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3 Responses to 8/3/2011

  1. Good to hear from you John. Keep studying!

  2. Derek says:


    It would not take much for you to come off your throne and go for a 30 minute bike ride around the park with me in the evening.


  3. Chip Cavender says:

    Now Derek,
    Be nice.

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