Hello all, John here.

Today started off pretty mundane…  in Week 7 of this session, so I have been working hard to get ahead of the curve to have some time to study for the finals that open up on Sunday.  I like to get them done as soon as possible so I can prep for the next session.  Each session the class opens for a “preview” week, the week before, so you can go in and look at the syllabus and make sure you have all the software, etc.  I typically download all the doc share files, make bookmarks for any web references, and convert any other information to PDF’s as well as make new class directories on my local HD.  I know, it seems anal, but I like to be organized.  This coming session DeVry is switching to a new eReader, finally!  It will be Vital Source, which I have played with a little bit, and it is at least 10 times better than MyScribe.  It doesn’t crash like MyScribe does, and they have Apps for iPhone and iPad.  The last few sessions I have been buying real books, because the 1st session I had it crash during a final, and was really panicked…  This session I refused to pay $200.00 for one book and decided to print it all out from MyScribe, which took literally 2 days.  The cost was much less, even though I had to refill ink 3 times, still less than $30.00 in paper and ink compared.  I will probably print all my books if Vital Source works OK to print, simply because it is nice to have a paper book, as well as it is nice to hang on to certain books (like my Access and Excel books…)  Anyhow…

Today was Mail day, so ran up to get mail.  I had a really nice surprise, in a letter (and check) from The Foundation of Amateur Radio (http://www.farweb.org/).  They administer a number of scholarships from radio clubs around the country, and I was fortunate enough to be awarded $1500.00 sponsored by the West Allis Radio Amateur Club (http://www.warac.org/).  I think (if I calculated right) it will cover the rest of my out of pocket for the next three semesters, which will be a big help!  Now I just need to figure out how to pay back all these loans when I graduate!

I also received the official letter that I made the dean’s list last semester.  Hopefully I can keep that up too, but right now I am not overly optimistic as this Stats class is really kicking my butt.  Well, I shouldn’t say that, I am doing well in it, it is just taking a LOT of time and effort to keep up.  If I would have only studied like this when I was young…

Derek is working late again tonight.  His big project’s deadline got moved up unexpectedly.  I keep telling him he needs to just make it happen, and impress everyone even with unrealistic expectations…  I don’t think he agrees…

We got a note from the realtor that our building passed pest inspection, but that is all we have heard so far this week.  I hope all is well.  I hate waiting!

So that is all I have.  I am off to write gratitude letters and then study for my stats final…

Have a good night.


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