Greetings from another happy sunny day in Portland…

Yep.. the weather continues to be great!  Lots of sun and high temps in the low to mid 80′s….

We are still waiting on a final answer from the underwriting department at the bank.  So don’t know if the deal to purchase a small apartment building in Des Moines, IA is going to go through, or not.  Hoping to hear something in the next few days….

Work continues to be very busy, but a manageable amount of busy.  Continuing to work on the smaller projects in the morning, and then the large important project in the afternoon.  So far, been keeping most everyone happy….  at least as happy as they can reasonably be…

After work have been going on a 30 – 40 minute ride around the park each night.  Then last night went up to the club house at 7:00pm to play cards.  They play a game called Hand and Foot.  It is a version of Canasta where you receive two decks with 11 cards in each.  You then play one deck and can’t go to the second deck (your foot) until the first one is depleted…  One lady brings little pouches shaped like a foot that you wear around your neck… kind of completes the ambiance of playing cards at the RV park…


Rita adding up scores after game of Hand and Foot

Tonight going back to the clubhouse to play “Dictionary” – it is a game like Balderdash where one person selects a word from a strange-word dictionary, they say the word, then everyone creates a fake definition of the word.  Then all the fake definitions are put on index cards and gathered up.  They are then all read, including the correct definition, and everyone guesses which one is correct.  You get points for guessing correctly, and points for when other players guess your definition.  It’s fun – especially when the fake definitions start getting raunchy…  usually after a few rounds of margaritas. :)

John was playing with Prince this evening.  We have this stuffed animal toy that is two bears with magnetic lips – they kiss when held close together.  John decided to wrap them around Prince:


Prince did not seem to mind... too much...

Been watching The Glee Project on the Oxygen network.  It is a reality show where the young adults compete for at least a 7 week part on the TV show Glee.  Here is video of one of my favorite contestants, Alex, performing “And I’m Telling You” in drag…  he has a really good voice.  Not able to embed the video – but here is a link to it:  Alex – And I’m Telling You.


Alex from The Glee Project

Not much else going on… going to surf the web for a bit before heading out to play Dictionary….

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2 Responses to 8/10/11

  1. Dictionary sounds hilarious!

  2. Sandie says:

    Got behind on my blog reading so I’m trying to catch up. I love Prince – he is the most gorgeous cat. And the games sound like a lot of fun. Looking forward to hearing about the apt. Six years – that’s really incredible. I’m going on three and I still struggle some days to get anything posted.

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