Hope everyone had a nice and safe July 4th… and a good Canada Day day to our readers “up North”..

We had an uneventful trip back to Portland yesterday. We pulled out of the campground in Lincoln City by 9:30am and pulled into our spot in Fairview, OR by 11:30am. Getting an early start worked out well – did not run into any heavy traffic. Today I heard people in the front office at the RV park complain about how bad the traffic was for them coming back from the coast later in the day Sunday and today….

Last night went to ice skating lessons at the Lloyd Center. The mall was closed, but one door was open so we could get to the ice rink. Not very many adults showed up so only had two others in the Adult 2-3 class I’m in…. Still working on the backwards crossovers… I can do them, but not very well… still seems very clunky…. they say the only cure is to practice and practice some more – in time it will work itself out…. After the lesson there was no public skating so just went home… stopped and purchased some ice cream on the way home. John and I enjoyed it while watching TV….

Today it was back to work for me and back to school work for John. Actually had a good day at work. Many employees took the entire week off so has very quiet and subdued. Then at 9:00am received a call from my new manager asking if I had anything our consultant could work on. Was able to have him work on several small items that will be a big help in getting some projects completed. Hope I can continue to offload tasks to him now and then….

John is starting two new classes – a statistics course and a database class. He says the statistics class is taught by a rocket scientist… a real one who works for NASA… kinda neat… He’s been busy installing software for these classes and starting to do exercises. He seems busy….

After a quick supper of chicken and dumplings (frozen microwave entree) I went and did laundry. Some of our clothes from the weekend were a bit sandy due to frolicking on the beach. While the clothes were being washed I went for a swim in the pool directly next to the laundry room. Weather is really nice – temps in the upper 80′s with a cool breeze. Not a cloud in the sky… Pool felt great water felt cool but not cold…. It was busy with six kids at first, but they slowly left for supper…. Like swimming because it works my upper body muscles more then ice skating does… Can feel it in my shoulders as I type…

While surfing the web earlier tonight I suddenly squealed with delight… did you hear me? Project Runway Australia has starting airing a new season – season #3. I love, love, love this show… the designers are really talented and edgy but still nice to each other. Usually like their end designs more then the American show. Downloading the first episode as I’m doing this blog posting. Can’t wait!!

Season 3 contestants of Project Runway Australia

The American version of Project Runway starts on July 28th on Lifetime – so looking forward to it… Hope they have some quirky talented contestants who can pull fashion out of their ass and have it look good :) Then later this year there will be a new Project Runway All-Stars show…. Hope my favorites return…

Not much else going on…. Project Runway Australia has finished download – so going to watch it right now… then practice morse code for awhile….

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