Greetings from a lazy day in Lincoln City, OR

Did next to nothing today.  We ate, laid around and watched TV, ate some more… watched more TV and then went to bed…

For breakfast we went to The Corner Cafe – a little place with 7 tables and room for maybe 20 people.  John likes to try little places and this one turned out good.  Had a yummy vegetable omelet with hashbrowns and toast.  The portion size was huge, but was still really good.  John had a crab omelet that had tons of crab in it….  looked de-lish-ous…

We then drove down to the D River Beach to see what the ocean was doing.  The skies were kinda overcast, but the sun burned through while we were walking around.  There were two massive kites in the sky that must have been 100 feet long – was quite impressive.



Here’s a short video showing the ocean and beach I took with my iPhone:

We then went back to the RV park and lounged around the MoHo.  John read a few chapters in one of his textbooks for his class that starts on Monday…  Not sure how far he got because he was snoring when I went back to check on him 30 minutes later.

Napping here is most choice with the cool breeze from the ocean – puts me right to sleep…..  I practised morse code for an hour, then watched trashy TV shows… anything with shirtless dudes getting arrested or people hunting ghosts…  Drifted in and out of sleep while watching the fine entertainment….

Then this evening we went to a mexican restaurant for supper.  The food was standard – not bad, but nothing overly special.  Keeping with the theme of being lazy overly indulgent, we stopped at a Cold Stone Creamery.  Was not really hungry, but enjoyed a cup of plain french vanilla ice cream.  Was decadent – could taste butter in it….  Got home and decided to go for a bike ride.  Went out the entrance of the RV park and took a right.  Found out the sidewalk on the right side of the road was extra wide and designed to be a bike trail.  Went on it and found it was labeled the “Head to the Beach Trail”.  Was not planning on riding to the beach, but the trail was nice so off I went.

The trip took me 30 minutes – which including walking the bike up a long steep hill.  The beach was busy but did not have to worry about parking.  Locked my bike to a fence, took off the bike light and bike computer (slipping them in my pocket).  Walked around the beach looking for interesting rocks and sea shells.  Most of the shells are broken and is not easy finding ones that are complete.  Spent 30 minutes at the beach and then headed back.

On the way back I stopped at the Candyland store and guess what?  Yep – I purchased some candy – a “Big Hunk” bar for John, a taffy bar and some really sour candy.  I tied the bag of candy to carrier on my bike and made it back to the RV park without incident.

It made John smile when I gave him the Big Hunk bar – told him it reminded me of him…. ;)

Not much else going on… will probably get packed up and on the road back to Portland tomorrow by 10:00am.  We are hoping the traffic will not be too bad.  John is working on finding a different route home so we don’t have to navigate through Salem again.  With out luck we would get stuck waiting for a 4th of July parade to pass….

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Cold Stone…. Not having any mix-ins seems unAmerican.

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