Greetings from a overcast drizzly day in Oregon…

Not much sun the past two days – lots of clouds and light misty rain.  Looking forwards to having some sunny weather again.  Don’t think I’ve ever craved being out in the sun as much as I do this Spring.  Just love laying out on a reclining Lafuma chair with the sun shining down….

The past two days I’ve been driving myself to work as a way to save gas.  It’s about three miles to work – but put double the mileage if John drives me.  Would like to ride my bike to work but weather is just too unpredictable yet…

While at work received the following news update on my iPhone:

IMG_2673.PNGTualatin is 30 miles south west of Portland along I-5.  Bear was not actually “in” the school – but in a field behind it and then ran to a nearby subdivision.  Here’s link to new story with picture of it:  Bear Subdued Near Tualatin Elementary School

I didn’t see too many bears at work – just the gay variety that work in the call center.  :)

John had supper on the table when I arrived home from work. He prepared spaghetti with red pasta sauce and meatballs.  It was yummy!  After the meal I quickly did the dishes (like I do every night) and then asked John to put the bike rack on the Jeep so I could take my bike to get repaired.

Last week I went around a corner too low and one of the pedals ground into the asphalt roadway and broke.  The main body of the pedal was made out of strong plastic – but did not hold up to the punishment.


Damaged pedal

I’ve been riding it with the broken pedal – but it was getting worse so decided to get it taken care of.  Took it back to where we purchased the bike – The Outer Rim Bike Shop.  They are super friendly and showed me a dozen different types of replacement pedals.  I decided to go with an all metal one that was chrome and black to match the color of the bike.  They installed it, gave me a free water bottle and a 10% discount for purchasing the bike from them.  Total cost was around $23.00.


New Pedal - nice and shiny!

When I got home it was still sprinkling out a bit, but decided to go for 30 minute bike ride anyway.  Put on rain jacket and off I went.  Did keep sprinkling but the sun peaked out a few times.  Really like the new pedals – they feel great with my sneakers – keeping them from slipping around.  Was able to get full 30 minutes ride in.  Got kinda lucky because 15 minutes after returning it started to pour down hard and is still coming down heavy.

Starting to go over reservations and plans for our trip to Seaside, OR this weekend.  It is only a two hour drive there and where we are staying is just a few blocks away from the convention center where the hamfest will be held.   Weather forecast is calling for rain on Friday but sunny on Saturday and Sunday.

Not much else going on – going to practice Morse code for a bit, play Warcraft, watch TV an get ready for another exciting day….

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