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Ah the wonderful Portland Weather.  Sorta glad we did not make any big plans this weekend, since it always seems to be ten minutes ’till downpour here.  When it is not raining, this place is simply awesome, but it is always raining.  Ugh.

The real reason we didn’t make any big plans for the long weekend is that we are attending the SeaPac Hamfest next weekend, and the following weekend we have some “blog buddies” meeting us here in the park.  The park activities directors are planning a potluck tomorrow, which we might take part in…

Yesterday I got the spendies, and decided it was time to replace our drippy HP printer.  We could have nursed it some, but I had nothing better to do, and really wanted to get something decent.  I really miss having access to a decent scanner with an ADF, so that was one of my priorities, as well as a printer that was easier on Ink than the HP.  Our last 2 or 3 printers have been HP’s and frankly none of them have been worth a shit.  They dink ink like crazy, and the cartridges are stupid expensive.  I have tried reman’s, and also filling them myself, and it never seems to work well…  After 3 days of research, and talking with friends on best models, I went to best buy to look at three specific printers.  Mind you we do have a space constraint, but I did end up with the largest (footprint wise) of the three.  I looked at a Cannon, which had some potential, but it didn’t have a duplexer (two-sided printing) and it’s arrangement would not fit in my desk cubby hole.  Then I looked at a Brother, which was a contender.  Again, no duplexer.  I decided on an Epson Artisan 835.  The last Epson I owned was one a bought used eons ago–  It was my first 24 pin Dot Matrix, which was pretty awesome then.  I love the fact that you can get reviews on just about everything on-line, but to sort through the comments is serious work.  Nothing is consistent, and advice is so jadded.  Best Buy had a great price, and this was the only one in the class that had both an ADF and duplexer.  I almost bought the Brother, simply because it was a smaller footprint, but decided against it because the cost per page was significantly higher than this one.  With school, I have been doing a significant amount of printing, mostly as proof copies, etc, but it does make a difference when you start replacing ink cartridges every other week at the tune of $40 bucks a pop.

IMG_0455.JPG So, I got it home and installed it.  Super easy installation.  It will hookup wireless, Ethernet, or USB.  The wireless setup uses your current “home WAN” and is really as simple as installing the Epson drivers and each computer, and typing in the SSID and Password in the printer.  The really cool part is now all of our devices (yes all as Epson also has a app for the ipad and iphones) can print, and wirelessly scan.  The printer also has ports on front for SD/CF cards and a USB port for flash drives and to charge your electronics.  The Drive ports show on the mac’s as shared drives, which is awesome too.  First day impressions, Love it.  Not that we have printed many photos in the past, but the photo quality is as easily as good if not better than a photo lab, seriously.  The standard printing is better than the HP by far, and it has a fast draft setting to conserve ink, something I use frequently.  Another thing is the ink system uses ink tanks that do not have the print head on them, which makes them easier to fill yourself with bulk kits as they don’t wear out and leak all over.  Epson does also offer a “bulk ink kit” which sets up a continuous ink feed form external bottles.  While I doubt we print enough to warrant that, I can see filling my own carts.  There are a couple things I do not like–  One the paper try.  What a pain in the ass.  YOu can’t see how much paper is in it.  I do like how it has a slot for photo paper too, but if you are going to make a “Small Paper slot” why not make it capable of taking envelopes too.  Envelopes you have to remove the tray and install them in place of the 81/2 by 11 paper.  Dumb.  At least should have a bypass slot for them or something so I don’t have to take the try out.  the good thing we have the dymo and don’t print a whole lot of envelopes.  Another slightly annoying “why don’t you just figure out how to fix that” is it will not print transparencies or hole punched paper.  Again, I don’t print that stuff often or ever really.  I am thinking the reason is that it uses some sort of optical paper sensing and it gets confused.  I fed a transparency into it, and it printed the first 3 inches perfect then just ejected it.  I do not have any 3 hole punch paper here, but I have in the past used that often for binder stuff, as it is much more convenient to buy it pre-punched when working on a large project.  I fully realize there is a work around to all my complaints, but still– Epson think a little.  The Scanner works flawless, and the 30 sheet ADF is awesome!  As is the auto duplexer.  The device draws about 1/3 the power as the old printer too on standby, so not that we would see a huge savings, every little bit does add up.  It does print CD’s too, but again, not a feature we would use much…  Overall, for $199.99 plus we had a $10.00 off coupon because we belong to the “we spend too much money at Best Buy” club, I think it was a good purchase.


I know someone is going to say something about Best Buy being evil to “teh Gays” first off, I am going to start with that Best Buy as a company has a pretty long standing and decent track record with providing equality to all its employees.  I know several people who have worked there and hell– look around their stores 3/4 of the employees are openly gay, that says something in itself.  Have they supported a “bad” candidate or two?  I do believe they have, though I do not think their motivation is anti-gay by any means.  I believe their motivation is pro-business.  Good or bad, this brings up the inherent problem with capitalism, and why a capitalistic society will never achieve world peace or harmony with the community or environment.  A corporation exists for one purpose, to make a profit.  This must do this to survive, and to do this it must feed off those that support it.  I am not taking a position here, I am simply stating the fact that sometimes the situation is a little more complex than we realize, and sometimes we tend to jump (myself included) on a bandwagon before we fully understand the logic behind it.  I like Best Buy, and will continue to shop there unless they do something really evil, giving a little money to an anti-gay candidate, while I think is shitty, I do not believe in their case was malicious.   Though in my opinion, no corporation should be allowed to contribute anything to a political campaign.  OK Done Ranting.

Other than that we didn’t do much yesterday.  Derek played WOW, and said something about getting the next expansion pack, because he is such an awesome WOW player (whatever)…  He also took a bike ride around the park, and later we took a drive through where he pointed out the recent changes.  I don’t get out much apparently.

Today, we might go downtown to the city of roses festival, but that all depends on the weather, as we would take the train it…  We’ll see…

Ok Derek is awake…  Off to pester him.

Have a great day!  John

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  1. I didn’t even know there was some anti-gay stance on BestBuy. Ahhhhhh, “the gays”.

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