11/25/10 #5

We made it to Little America, WY for the night. The drive here really sucked. The wind kept up all evening. Just when we thought it was starting to let up, it would come back just as strong. Gusts up to 60 mph+ :(

No more damage to the MoHo after we cut off the slide out awning. We still don’t gave cold water in the rv – so will probably need to shower at the truck stop in the morning. Yeah…

Heading out to the restaurant for supper. Hoping they have turkey on the menu… Also hoping for better weather tomorrow…

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2 Responses to 11/25/10 #5

  1. Chip says:

    WOW ! Sorry your having such bad weather and moho damage. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better. from Chip in Delaware.

  2. wayne says:

    Looks like your through the worst of it wind wise.
    I give you a lot of credit for driving through that. I would have spent the day sitting in a parking lot.

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