Greetings from the Wisconsin State Fair….

Tonight I’m taking a break from going to the fair – just staying in the RV and spending time learning iPhone programming.  Right now learning how to maintain lists of things that get displayed via various controls on screen…. it’s oh so exciting….  but necessary to understand…  The traffic and people going to and from the fair seems fairly sedate… Nothing like the craziness of the weekend…

On the way home from work I went directly to the gym and worked out – in an attempt to burn off the deep fried cheese and cheese cake on a stick.  I’m too afraid to weigh myself – need to behave for a few days…  Seems like I gain and loose the same three pounds, but after this past weekend I’m not so sure….  Had to take several side streets to get there and back because of traffic congestion and temporary no left turn signs in several places.

John is working third shift for the next few days…  He will probably get home around 5:00am is my guess…  I could not handle working the screwy hours he puts in….  good thing I’m a spoiled computer consultant who works only 8 hours and then is done.  We have new neighbors tonight – an older Pace Arrow in nice condition.  They like to slam the door closed hard – makes lots of noise.  John will have fun trying to sleep tomorrow morning between the door slamming and the golf carts going past.  Perhaps he can try sleeping with the radio or tv on… at least it is a constant source of noise…

Found another fun old video on <a href=”http://www.archive.org” >Archive.org</a> – it is “A Day at the Fair” from 1947:

A Day at the Fair

I’m off to continue working on iPhone programming…  Plan on walking around the fair again tomorrow evening…

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