Greetings from the Wisconsin State Fair….

We have been getting along fine as the fair goes on around us. Driving in and out of the park continues to be a hassle – with “rent a cops” who ignore the pink gate pass and keep stopping us and the line of pedestrians who don’t stop to let us in and out of the rv park. We are starting to get used to it and understand how to work the streets so we get into the gate properly.

John walked around the fair with me yesterday – he got sick of dealing with crowds after an hour. In his defense, it was extra crowded – so crowded you could barely do anything except keep walking. We did manage to sample some naughty, but yummy, “stick food”. A deep fried rye bread ball with motzarella cheese inside was especially tasty when dipped into ranch dressing. We also had a naughty dessert:


Cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick. I was surprised that the cheesecake was actually decent - definitely not Sara Lee...

We then walked through the conservation area – looking at exhibits like local foliage, forestry equipment and fish. Then over to the Rabbit and Poultry barn.


A handsome rooster - strutting his stuff


Cute rabbit

Then we watched several teams of horses go into the arena to be judged. Here’s a sort video that shows several of the teams going past in their show harnesses:

Today (Sunday) I walked around the fair by myself several times – John was not interested and needed to run into work several times. I mainly walked around people watching and getting some exercise. I did go up in the sky rider as an easy way to get to the back of the fairgrounds. Here’s a few pictures I took during the ride:


View down the main drag - where's Waldo? :)


Cream Puff Pavilion in the background

This is how Prince likes to spend his day – laying in his kitty bed watching fair goers walking past:


Prince people watching and sleeping now and then

Managed to get laundry done today. It went fine, except for the lady who kept opening up all of the dryer doors, closing them and not pressing the button to restart them. She caught me walking behind her turning them back on and very nicely apologized to me… The laundry room is a real mess – finding straw in the dryers and some sort of poo on the floor – I assume some of the people who exhibit livestock are staying in the park… Not a nice thought when trying to have clean clothes….

This evening we decided to go out for supper to get away from the fair for awhile. We ended up at a trendy pizza place called Pizzeria Piccola in Wauwatosa, WI – less then two miles away. They were setup where you order personal pizza’s downstairs and then can dine upstairs or outside on patio. You get a number after ordering at counter and they bring you the food. While waiting for food, John was playing with his iPhone and found an interesting name for one of the WiFi networks:


One of their passive aggressive neighbors no doubt....

In between walking around the fair I spent some time looking at videos on YouTube. Today I found something I’ve been attempting to locate for a long time – a vintage Rusty Jones commercial. Rusty Jones was a company that did rust proofing on cars in the 1980′s. They eventually went out of business when it was discovered that their rust prevention product would actually trap water and cause cars to rust of quicker. The reason I’ve been looking for this is that the “High Priestess of the Immaculate Winnebago” kept telling John that he looks like Rusty Jones – being all Ginger and all. Here’s a link to the video – the Rusty Jones commercial is almost at the end of the montage of commercials – you either fast forward or watch them all:

Here’s a few stills I took from the video – you be the judge – does John kinda look like Rusty Jones… My vote is yes….


John needs to grow a big orange mustache


Rusty in all his Ginger goodness....

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