Greetings from the Wisconsin State Fair – home of the <a href=”http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/100091819.html” >Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger topped with chocolate covered bacon</a>.

The fair is now going full blast – there is now a constant stream of people walking past the front of the RV park.   Driving into the park is difficult because they have several intersections blocked off so you can not take turns into the park – so we have to go down 76th street heading North, then do a u-turn and go south on 76th and then hope they let us in the entrance.  He have special pink passes, but 1/2 of the workers who man the gate do not recognize them and we have to roll down window and listen to them yell at us about not being allowed to drive in.  We then show them the pass and explain… then they give us an “Oh….” and let us through.  Not super annoying until you have to deal with this each time we come in….  It is not easy for the various RV’s to come into the park – between the gates up and the people who do not stop for them….


Fair goers walking by - does not seem like many but it a constant flow

The noise at the RV park really is not that bad – having the AC running helps.  I thought the midway would be noisier, but don’t hear that much from it.  John keeps getting woken up at night by the sound of the motorized golf karts.  I assume it is workers coming into the park once it closes around midnight…  I sleep with ear plugs in (John snores) so I don’t hear much of anything :)

On Thursday Deven and Melinda came up to the fair with Jet and Scout.  I had to work until 3:30pm, so we got together at the MoHo for supper.  Made chicken breasts on the grill with side of cole slaw and a orzo salad with feta and spinach.  I don’t get to see them very often – usually around the holidays – so it worked out really nice.


Scout and Jet playing with bubble machine they obtained at the fair. I want one now.....


Chicken on the grill is almost done

I went to the fair for the first time last night (Friday).  It was very busy, but was able to meet up with Todd and Rodger and walk around with them.  There’s lots of neat exhibits and lots of food vendors to check out.  Many of the larger food places have their own stages with bands – so nice to go from place to place and listen to the music.  I swear I heard three different bands do covers of  “Jenny 867-5309″ within an hour…  It is also interesting when you stand in a single place and you hear music from four different sources at one time….  Can’t tell what the heck is going on :)

Here’s a few pictures from my evening:


The Star Lite Dueling Piano bar - kept hearing them do the "My ding-a-ling" song each time I walked past...


The Fish Boil tent - a very Wisconsin thing....


View of one of the main streets at the fair - lots of people....


Vendor who sells... well... dead animals and dead animal parts.... Might get a fox or mink tail for Prince to play with for $10.00


Girls frying up grilled cheese sandwiches in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion


Girl braiding the mane of her young Clydesdale horse


Young cows (Calves, cow-ettes?) relaxing. Some of the cows were really feeling the heat - did not seem that warm to me and they had lots of fans going.... Guess they are not California cows :)

That’s it for the pictures… will take some more this evening… will take an actual camera along… iPhone is convenient, but don’t care for how it only has a digital zoom…..

This morning we went to the Pegasus for breakfast and then John wanted to head to Waukesha to check out a business that was selling some used desks.  His employer needs more desks and would like some matching ones, but does not want to spend lots of money on them.  So John is checking out craigslist and following up on some leads.  We found the place and the desks were nothing special – big wooden computer desks that were designed to fit in a corner – not what he was wanting…  We then went to the UPS store to get our mail and get my hair cut.  I should have had it cut a week ago – so was a mission of mercy.  It turned out nice…  and the lady gave me a really good scalp massage while washing it…

Now we made it back to the park and John is attempting to get the older mac laptop to work as the dash computer.  The main issue right now is that the mac does not recognize the serial to usb adapter needed for the engine monitoring software.  Will probably need to obtain a different adapter and hope it works….  once he gets done not being frustrated….

Not much else going on… I will probably walk around the Fair in a bit….

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