Greetings from a balmy evening in West Allis, WI.

Just got home from going to a “soft opening” of a bar called “Stubbies” with Todd and Rodger. It is located along the Milwaukee river at the intersection of Humboldt and Commerce – just North of downtown Milwaukee. A “soft opening” is when the bar opens up for a limited number of people so their bartenders, waist staff and kitchen crews get used to serving customers and get some of the kinks out. I enjoyed a really nice cider beer along with a raspberry wheat beer called Purple Haze. It was a fun evening because there was only a dozen patrons in the bar and the bartenders were in a festive mood – giving out lots of free samples and taking time to talk about the beers they have on tap and the specials they plan on offering. Here’s some pictures I took:


BBQ chicken with onions and mac and cheese. Todd ordered it for all three of us to sample. Was good....


Todd and Rodger having fun...

I made it home by 9:30pm… John was texting me on the way home to see when I was going to arrive. Distracted driving is dangerous driving – so I did not answer his texts until I got home :)

As promised, here’s the second part of the “Midwest Holiday” movie from Archive.org. I thought it was cute and fun to see the old travel trailer in action. Back in 1952 I doubt the trailer had air conditioning and with it painted a dark blue or black I bet it got a little warm in there. They probably had fans to move the air around:

Midwest Holiday

Last evening the PeaPod van arrived right at 8:30pm. We had the same driver as the previous week so it went smoothly – he knew exactly where to go.


Peapod Van outside the MoHo

Not much else going on. Tomorrow is the first day of the State Fair and Deven and Melinda are coming up for it. I plan on meeting up with them after work around 4:00pm – it will be nice to see them again. I’m off to bed…..

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