Greetings from West Allis…

The state fair continues to pop up around us… The office at the RV park is where all of the photo id security badges for the fair are created – so a steady stream of workers arrive to have their pictures taken… There’s also lots more traffic, people and general commotion around the RV park – it’s getting to be quite the urban experience. In the last hour several more RV’s and horse haulers checked into the park. We now have neighbors on the passenger side of the MoHo – a nice American Tradition MoHo. The noise around the park is not too bad by 10:30pm when I go to bed, but I do hear the door to the main building slamming shut more and the sound of motorized golf carts going by. Have the feeling this is going to be tame compared to what it will be like in a few days.

Found a neat old movie from 1952 on www.archive.org that features a travel trailer being pulled all over the Midwest to various tourist destinations. It features places like Spring Mill State Park in Indiana, New Salem State Park in Illinois and Mark Twain’s home in Hanniba, Missouri. Here is the first part of it:

Midwest Holiday

Tomorrow will post the dramatic conclusion.

Not much else going on… waiting for the PeaPod delivery van to stop by… hope we get one of the drivers who’s already been here – so we don’t need to flag him down. John likes to put the groceries away himself because I don’t put everything away in their “magical locations” as he dictates… Maybe I’m doing it on purpose :)

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