Greetings from Milwaukee, WI…

The weather has been a bit cooler the last few days.  Right now it is overcast grey out – seems too dark for 6:45pm.  It will probably rain this evening.  You can start to tell that fall like weather will be coming in shortly.

My work day went by quickly – still working on the same projects – trying to keep up with the never ending list of changes.  “Make this bigger, make that smaller, I don’t like that….  I like that, but…” So much fun…  I think several of my projects are going to be ready to be moved into Production by next week….

John actually called in sick today – which means that he is really really not well.  He spent the day in bed and in front of the computer.  I fixed him some supper when I came home and then he decided to go see a doctor.  He headed over to the Aurora Health Care walk-in clinic just north of Mayfair Mall.  He just called and said he will be home shortly – just needs to get a prescription filled.  I hope he starts to feel better – I believe he is flying back to Washington, DC next Monday for another week of training out there…

Work on the new blog continues.  The www.dereketnyre.com domain has been transferred over to the new hosting company site5.  Tonight I went ahead and started the process to have www.johnandderek.com transferred over.  Once they are both in place I will work on the “URL Masking” – so you see www.johnandderek.com/blog instead of in the browser window.  Should have this in place by Thursday evening.

John just got back – the doctor said that he has a sinus infection that is turning into bronchitis.  Doctor told him that he should have come in two days ago and prescribed him some antibiotics.  So it is a good thing he went.

I’m going to spend the remainder of the evening transferring more old blog postings over to the new system.  I only have 1215 more postings to go ;)

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One Response to 8/24/2010

  1. rjfboylan says:

    I must say I really like your redesigned website. I’ve been using WordPress for quite a while but I’ve never seen anything quite like you’ve got setup. Way to go!

    Robert in Houston

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