Greetings from a quiet evening in West Allis, WI…

It is amazing how soon things have quieted down around the RV park After 11 days of traffic, crowds and noise it now seems almost creepy around here… very quiet…. I miss watching all of the fair goers walk by… it was fun seeing all of the interesting fashion choices. Most of the midway rides have been dismantled and headed down the road. The big roller coaster still stands – don’t see any big cranes around it yet to take it apart.

John’s business trip has been going well. On Monday he said the airport was very busy because of a PGA golf tournament in the area, along with President Obamba arriving on Airforce One. The President was in town to speak at an Energy Company that makes renewable-energy products.

He was traveling with two suit cases (one for clothes and one for paperwork) and a laptop case. When he went to check in and pay to check his bags – they explained that he could save $10.00 by upgrading his ticket to first class and not pay for the checked bags – so he went for it. He appreciated having more leg room during the flight.

Just got done talking with him and he said that his first day went well. He is doing driver training and working with management at the internet grocery store. Tomorrow he is going to have a long day because he needs to be present for both the early morning and late night loads. At least he should be able to get a full nights sleep this evening…

Prince has been moping around the MoHo and keeps looking out the window for John to arrive home… I’ve been having lots of play time with him to make up for John not being around, but does not seem to be helping much…


Prince giving me the "Evil Eye"...

My work week has been very busy so far. I have four projects that end users are testing and coming back to me with changes and things they want added/adjusted. Some like to take advantage of the situation and ask for as much as they can, when they initially ask for just a few minor changes to start with. I’m paid by the hour so no big deal, but it does seem a bit deceptive….

Not much else going on… going to spend some time with iPhone programming… it’s starting to come together and make some sense… I purchased the “Objective-C Pocket Reference” boo to help me understand the syntax better. I like the book because it is nice and concise – just the facts and nothing else..

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