Greetings from a humid evening at the Wisconsin State Fair.

John and I just got back from the fair – we went to have supper.  Ended up eating at <a href=”http://www.sazs.com/” >Saz’s place</a> – had yummy hamburgers.  The fair was not as busy as during the weekend, but there’s still lots of people to navigate through.  After supper John patiently watched me play the bulldozer coin drop game.  I know it is a complete rip-off, but my “inner computer programmer geek A.D.D.” finds if fun.  I’ve been collecting poker chips that are mixed in with the tokens – get enough chips and trade them in for a larger prize.  So far I have 17 poker chips…..

The weather has been very warm and humid – today the Subaru said it was 98&deg; out when I left work, but temp was down to 91&deg; by the time I pulled into the RV park.  Did not work out tonight – my left knee has been bothering me a little bit toda – probably laid on it wrong last night, or the weather…  Will probably wake up tomorrow morning and it will feel fine…

My work week has been going by quickly.  I’ve been busy working on several small projects.  The main project I worked on today is recreating the contents of a PDF file as a Lotus Notes Web form that is automatically populated with data from a Notes Document.  It’s not difficult, just a bit tedious getting everything laid out just so…

John is done working 2nd and third shifts for this week.  Today he is back to working during the day.  Next week he is flying out to the Washington DC area for work.  He’s leaving Monday and returning on Friday.  He is training truck drivers and setting up procedures for a new start-up for the internet grocery store.  He lets on that he is not looking forward to it, but I think he is.  He has many tasks that need to be completed before the trip – so his workdays have been extremely busy and long….  He will probably end up having to fly out east every few weeks to take care of business – so we are thinking that I should fly out some weekend and then we can check out the sites in Washington, DC.  I’ve been there several times, but John has not….

I’ve been working on learning iPhone programming some more this week.  I’m starting to “get it” and can do simple programming tasks like writing data to text fields and changing values of things when you click on an button.  Now I’m learning how to deal with lists of things that are displayed on the screen – the programming for it is still a bit odd to me…. the syntax of the Objective-C language is taking me time to get used to.

Not much going on for the weekend – John probably has to work on Saturday – so I need to plan something fun for us to do on Sunday…..

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