Greetings from the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park…

We made it back to our “home base” all safe and sound by 1:30pm…

John woke up earlier then I did and had the RV almost ready to go by the time I finished showering and applying my beauty regime… We then waited around for the “honey wagon” to come and empty our tanks. We made it though the weekend on a single tank – not bad considering we each took 4 showers and I did dishes three times. We did take abreviated showers, but not too short… I think the Oxygenics shower head does a good job of conserving water by letting us turn down the water flow, but still maintaining some pressure:

We got the tanks sucked out around 9:45am, and were on the road by 10:00am. On the way back we stopped at a Walmart Subway for a quick breakfast (easy parking) and then at a truck stop 25 miles north of Milwaukee to top off the fuel tank. We would have preferred to get fuel closer to the RV park, but this is the only truck stop on the north side of Milwaukee that we know has disel and has room to maneuver the RV in….

Once in town we did not go directly to the RV park, but went to the trucking company John works. John used their truck scale to weigh the motor home. It has been three years since the last time we weighted it and John discovered that our weight has gone up by almost 1000 lbs. Not sure where the weight has come from, my guess is that it is our exotic collections of canned green beans, jugs of motor oil and a casket sized airline shipping container… just my guess…

We then made it to the RV park and got all setup… While unhooking the Jeep, one of our neighbors introduced herself and explained how we picked the best possible weekend to be gone from the RV park. She explained how the windy conditions caused ash and burning chaparral from a nearby fireworks show to come raining down on the park. She said it was “like Armageddon” with hot embers and soot raining down all over. She pointed out shards of shinged brown paper on the ground as proof… My Subaru was left behind in our site and had lots of black soot on it. I’m very glad we were not here when this happened – John would have gone ballistic.. but on the other hand I kinda feel like we missed out some some “major happenings” at the park….

We hooked up our AT&T DSL internet and received a message to call customer service when we attempted to go to a website – not a good sign. John called customer service and received the run around because today is kinda sorta a corporate holiday, but finally got someone on the line to assist. Long story short, I tossed our latest bill out after I paid it and we did not have our account number. The account number I had on record with the bill payment service was wrong. I’ve been paying the bill, but it has not been credited to our account. To make matters worse, they can only find our old account in Missouri and our Wisconsin account shows that we have never paid it and was turned off for non payment. It is a big old mess and we have to call billing tomorrow when they are back from holiday. Good news is that technical support was able to temporarily turn our service back on while the mess is being fixed… John is not happy with me because I tossed the paper bill away after I paid it and I have the wrong account number on the bill…. As step 1 of John’s 12 step punishment process, I need to call AT&T tomorrow after work and attempt to get the mess straightened out….

The RV park has thinned out significantly since last Friday. The moho that was next to us has left – good riddance because we did not like how they parked their car in the shared area between our two sites. Nice part about being a full timer is that if your don’t like your neighbors you just have to wait a few days and you will get new ones – usually… I still like to sit outside on Sundays and wave at the “amateur campers” as they leave… “the Sunday Wave” :) It sounds evil, but before we went full time, I was jealous of the people who got to say at the campgrounds while I have to return home on Sunday to get ready for work on Monday….

Yesterday the weather continued to be windy and towards evening it started to sprinkle now and then. I was unable to have a campfire because of the wind, but we did go to the shore of the lake to watch fireworks for a few minutes. It was cool being able to see fireworks being shot off from 4 or 5 different towns on the far side of the lake – 7 miles away. Fireworks were great, but we soon were being eated alive by mosquitoes so we ran back to our campsite. It was 9:30pm by now and I wanted to run for some ice cream. There was a mom and pop drive in 5 miles away that we headed to, but upon arrival found it was already closed for the evening… so we just headed back to the RV, watched TV for a bit and fell asleep…

As promised, here’s some pictures I took over the weekend while at the campground and the EAA Airventure museum:


View of Lake Winnebago from the campground


Vintage remote control for model airplane.


View of some of the planes at EAA museum


The AeroCar that I mentioned in previous posting. It can actually fly with both wings attached...


John's checking out some WW II exhibits...


Exhibit of some old ham radio gear.


View of museum hanger... Lots of shiny planes from the WW II era...


Control console from old control tower. It is part clock/timer, ham radio and telephone. I like the design aesthetic of it... very cool in my book..


View of some of the bi-planes in the outside "Pioneer Airport". They are all in flyable condition and appear to be flown now and then.. Amazed at what good condition they are all in....

That’s it… Need to go fold some laundry and get ready for the short work week….

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