Greetings from West Allis, WI…

Skies are starting to turn cloudy… looks like it will rain tonight…

Here’s a pic I took from the RV park showing the roller coaster that has been assembled in the midway:


The midway is starting to come together at the State Fair grounds...

John was able to leave work a little earlier then normal – actually walked in the door at 7:00pm.. I asked him to text me when he was on his way so I could have his supper ready when he walked in.  I was able to microwave a Lean Cusine chicken fettuccine and a veggie burger in time…

Had a very busy day at work… have several applications in “test mode” and I had three separate testing teams asking for changes to their applications… so did not have a lack of work to do… good for job security and to make the work day go by quickly.  For lunch went to Cousin’s subs with coworkers.  I had a 7″ chicken sub on wheat bread and no mayo.  My guess is that it was around 550 calories… In the realm of what I like to have for lunchtime calories….

This evening I tried a different routine for supper and working out.  I made it home by 4:30pm, grabbed my duffel bag and went to the gym.  I usually wait until 6:00pm, but wanted to try going earlier.  My theory is that going earlier would not be good because it would be super busy with people getting off of work…  Found out that it was not too bad… about the same amount of people there…  was able to get changed and onto a TBT machine with no problem…  Have been listening to a RuPaul’s Champion Album on the iPhone while working out – also have a remix album of the songs from it.  The remixes have a great vibe to them that goes well with the motion of the TBT machine:

“Don’t be Jealous of my Boogie” is my favorite track on the album – here’s one of the remix versions of it:

Tomorrow is a big day for me – it’s the season premiere of Project Runway on Lifetime… It’s like “TV Crack” for me… Hope they have some fun contestants and unique challenges for them…  Will have to get my BeDazzler out so I can do some dazzling while watching… I actually don’t use the BeDazzler machine much – it really does not work well… I have a technique where I poke the BeDazzler jewel through the shirt and use the small flat head screwdriver to bend the tines over.  Works much better then praying the BeDazzler press works right…  I need to stop by the Hobby Lobby and get some more red gems to replace some that fell off my Hello Kitty t-shirt.  Need to get it presentable enough to wear at the State Fair….

Not much else going on….  Going to spend some time working on programming project and watch some TV…

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