Greetings from a cool evening in Wisconsin…

Made it though Monday at work… was not too bad… gave a demonstration of how a Lotus Notes Wiki that is XPages enabled works to some end users. It went well, but the end users are still not sure what direction they want to go… Spent the remainder of the work day going through documentation for the big upcoming project. Wore one of the pants I purchased yesterday and they are a bit loose….. so maybe I should have went down another size…. The minute I do so, I will gain weight and they will not fit… I just know it…..

This evening went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the TBT machine and then stopped at grocery store on the way home. I had a coupon for $1.00 off Morning Star veggie burgers and managed for find $25.00 worth of other stuff… Made sure to get some stuff that John would eat with veggie-burgers for lunch…. got some blue corn ships and salsa…. and some sweet pickles…

After eating my way through the weekend, I want to make sure to get back on track today and eat well. Had an orange and toast for breakfast, Seattle Sutton soup for lunch and Seattle Sutton chicken breast and veggies for supper. I’m now at the end of Seattle Sutton food… so now need to transition over to store purchased food….

In the last few days I’ve noticed that there’s more women here in Wisconsin that wear completely purple outfits then anywhere else we’ve been. The solid purple looks is like code for “I’m as crazy as you think I am… wearing purple to prove it…” See them at work, at the gym and around town….. Need to take some pictures….

Read through the Apple announcement today – the new version of the operation for the iPhone and the new iPhone 4 sound pretty cool… The new screens on the iPhone have so many pixels per inch that at 10 to 12 inches away the human eye can not pick out the individual pixels…. Derek wants….. now…..

The RV park is filling up a bit more… I noticed several more RV’s pulled in on Sunday afternoon. I assume it will continue to get busy during the summer months…

Not much else going on…. Going to play around on computer, watch TV and get ready for work tomorrow….

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