Greetings from Wisconsin….

We had a nice weekend with Bernie and Mike – they drove their motor home from Madison, WI over to Milwaukee… and then back. They have a seasonal campsite, but wanted to take their motor home on a trip to exercise it…. They arrived early Saturday morning. On the way they noticed that their MoHo did not have much get up and go…. So John and Mike checked things out and determined that it was probably the fuel filter…. So they spent a few hours getting replacement parts and getting everything installed. We then went for a quick lunch at Cream City Custard. I had a Reuben with cole slaw… was good… I’ve been trying to avoid french fries… Not sure cole slaw is that much better for me, but at least it is not deep fried….

We then spent the afternoon hanging out, watching a movie on DVD and doing stuff around the RV park. For supper we headed downtown to Water Street Brewery. This is John’s favorite place to dine…. We had reservations, but they were not too busy….. We noticed that there was lots of older people dining, when it is usually more of a younger crowd. On the way out, I noticed that people were heading over to a theater to see Wicked… so the older crowd was dining before the show… Anyway… Supper was good… had a rib-eye steak with really naughty mashed potatoes and mixed veggies… Was nice to spend a fun evening dining out with friends…

This morning we hung out around the park, went to the local Greek restaurant for breakfast. Had a yummy eggs Benedict…. By mid-morning Bernie and Mike headed out back for Madison. They reported by text message that their MoHo is running much better… back to full power and speed…..

John headed back into work by 11:30am, and I spent time doing laundry. One of my favorite shirts had a hole in one of the sleeves – so had to toss it (removed the buttons first for future repairs). So I decided to head over to Kohl’s and pick out a nice shirt. Ended up selecting two short sleeve shirts and two pairs of pants. I went down one shirt size and one more pant size. Next to Kohl’s was a Pick N’ Save grocery store – so I stopped in and managed to find $85.00 worth of food, Tide, Iams kitty food and kitty litter….. Picked out some yummy Kashi frozen dinners… Since we are now off the Seattle Sutton plan…. Also picked up some oranges and stuff for salad…..

Made it home and then received a text message from John – he was hungry and wanted some supper. So I delivered one of the frozen dinners… He looked tired, but he said that he would probably be able to come home early… Then I headed over to AnyTime Fitness and tanned for 20 minutes and worked out for 30 minutes on the TBT machine. It is taking a long time for me to get tanned…. Still more pale then tanned… but it should start to work in the next few weeks…. The gym was not very busy, only three other members there…. Seems like Monday is always the busiest day at the gym – guess people feel guilty for eating too much over the weekend – so they try to start their weeks out right…. My theory at least….. This coming week I think I’m going to switch over to using one of the stationary bicycles…..

So made it back home, heated up my frozen dinner…. had supper alone while watching House Hunters on HGTV….

Not much else going one…. John and I are back to being the “only gays in the village”:

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