Greetings from a cool evening in West Allis, WI…

Have the front door open and Prince is perched on the front steps looking out the screen door at the world. He can hear some birds in the distance that are keeping his attention.

Last evening at 5:00pm a storm moved into the area and dumped lots of rain on us. Traffic on the way home was horrible – took me 50 minutes to drive the 8 miles home…. Not sure why, beside the wet roads, did not see any accidents….


Stuck in traffic with it raining....

I made it home by 6:05pm – just in time for Todd and Rodger to arrive. We had planned on dining out and then heading over to a free concert at the State Fair Grounds. We went to eat at a Latin/Mexican place called Antigua. It is in a newer building on Burnham in West Allis…. The food was yummy… I had vegetarian enchiladas that were really spicy – in a good way! Along with the main course, had guaccomole and chips along with platter of sample appetizers they always serve… Then they end the meal with shots of peach schnapps. I passed on the schnapps due to my gout….


The Boogie Men performing

After supper it was still sprinkling out, but we decided to head over to the State Fair grounds to see if the band was playing. Yep they were – inside a nice covered pavilion. The band is called The Boogie Men and they do covers of 70′s funk/disco along with covers of 80′s through current music. The first set they come out with their disco outfits and wigs on…. Then the second set they come out with regular jeans and etc…

There was not many people in the audience because of the crappy weather – probably around 100. By 9:00pm the rain stopped and the skies cleared off. It ended up being a fun evening – with kids dancing in front of the stage, and people hanging out. The band made the best of it. At one point the lead singer gave a drum stick to a young child that was moving his hands to the beat – and the kid proceeded to beat the stick against the front of the stage for the next few songs… was kinda cute… sorta….

We left around 9:45pm and I was home by 10. Being at the State Fair Park I could have walked home…..

Work has been going fine. I’m starting to attend more meetings – mostly via conference calls, for a major 5 month project that is ramping up. I spent most of the afternoon going over documentation and creating some technical documentation of my own. The major project deals with interfacing an existing Notes database to an external vendors system – should be interesting….

John has been working, then working and then working some more…. Then he works, works and works. Then he sleeps. Then he works, works and works some more. He believes that he will be working most of the upcoming weekend. This evening he asked me to drop off the box fan we have in one of the storage bays. His work area gets a bit stuffy and he thought getting some air to move would help…. He seemed to be in a good mood. They purchased a new copy machine and he showed it off to me….

After seeing John, I then went to the fitness center. Spent 20 minutes in the tanning bed, then 30 minutes on the TBT machine. I can really feel it in my legs this evening….

Not much else going on…. I believe Bernie and Mike are coming with their motor home to State Fair park over the weekend to see us. Was thinking we could check out the new Harley Davidson museum here in town… I know Mike is into motorcycles…. plus they have an exhibit on Evil Knievel going on that may be interesting….

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