Greeting from Milwaukee….

I’ve been a bad blogger this week…. I’ve been taking Allopurinol for my gout and it makes me feel tired and hungry all the time… Not a good combination….

Did my usual routine this evening – supper, Judge Judy, workout and tanning at gym and now back home. I’m gradually getting a decent all over tan – I’m surprised how long it has been taking – probably does not help that part of me have not seen much sun for a long time… The tanning seems to be making my skin softer – probably all the dead skin cells :)

The RV park was rather busy last weekend – around 75% full. I’m sure it will continue to get busier as the summer progresses – especially with Summerfest at the end of this month. Our neighbors pulled out on Monday – they were the boilermakers who worked evenings at a local power plant. They made good neighbors because we did not see much of them. Will be interesting to see who our new neighbors will be… This week I have been noticing more people then normal walking through our site on the way over to the main building that houses the showers, bathrooms and laundry facility. I’m trying to not let it bother me, but it does seem rather rude of them…. Kinda hoping they check out our blog and get the hint…. The URL to it is on the back of the MoHo and I assume some campers at the park check it out…

Last evening I had Todd and Roger over for supper. Made a yummy chicken casserole – Chicken Parmesan that used garlic croutons on top. It turned out good, but the top was a bit overcooked…… it was a bit too dark brown…. but tasted fine…. served it with spinach green salad with mustard Dijon dressing. After supper we walked over to the State Fair park where a band was performing for free. We stayed for 30 minutes and left… the music was a bit more hard rock then we care fore and the crowd was mostly leather wearing bikers with their wives/girlfriends…. but free is free and it was a nice evening to walk through the park…. Todd pointed out the empty parking lot next to the RV park and explained that is where the carnival rides are setup during the State Fair…. So we get to listen to people screaming on rides and loud music in a few months….


Band playing at State Fair park


Some of the nice motorcycles parked - some of them had led lights showing off the chrome...

The rest of the week has been kind of a blur… Work has been very busy… I have 6 projects going on and 5 of them are in testing phase… so end users find things they want changed and changed and changed some more…. The large 5 month project is finally gaining some momentum – I’ve been assigned to create functional documentation, technical documentation and a few other types of documentation before I start to program – it will all take me several weeks to complete, present and change a bunch of times. Each place I work at likes to do their documentation a bit differently, so it ends up being a bit of a learning curve for me to figure out what they really want…

On Wednesday a nasty storm moved into the area around 4:00pm dumping several inches of rain in 45 minutes. On the way home from work part of 45 had 18 inches of water on it – the Subaru did fine in it, but a few cars stalled out and were along the road… I asked John to come to work and hold an umbrella over my head so I would not get wet – this is how that went:


My text messages to John when it was raining...

Ordered and received an 850 page book on iPhone development that I have started to read and work through examples:

This weekend we are planning on going up to see John’s dad for Father’s day…. We will probably go up on Sunday….

Not much else going on…. it’s only 8:20 pm, and I’m really tired…. I hate that medicine…..

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