Greetings from a lovely Livermore…

On Friday evening it actually rained for a few hours overnight… first time since we have been here… I assume we are entering into the start of the rainy season… I’m looking forward to all of the dried up grass turning green on the rolling hills around Livermore and Pleasanton.


Side of the USS Hornet as we walked up to the entrance...

Yesterday I got to poo in a aircraft carrier… not too many civilians can say that ;) We toured the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum in Alameda, CA (outside of Oakland). The Hornet was HUGE… it took us most of the day to see everything… It was cool to see the exhibits on the Hornet’s role in WWII and also in picking up the first men to walk on the moon. Here’s some pictures that give a overview of the day (I took over 250 pictures and I’m only showing a few here – bordering on a bad vacation side show ;) ).


Forward Engine room control panel.


One of the rooms of the ship's hospital.


One of many kitchens. The scale of all the equipment was cool to see..


View of the hanger bays


Special Airstream used keep the Apollo 11 Astronauts in quarantine - just in case they brought back bacteria from the moon.


Picture of President Nixon addressing the Astronauts in the Airstream


Inside the Airstream - retrofitted with airline seats... very 1970's..


Inside the Airstream... tight quarters... After being the first man to walk on the moon.. then you are stuck living here for three days...


Outside the Airstream. It would be cool to fix up an old airstream to look like this, then take it camping and wear space suits...


John walking down the flight deck


John checking out one of the planes on the deck


Warning on the tower


Picture of "The Island" here more flight, navigation and communications operations were at.


View of the Primary Flight control deck


View of San Francisco from the Camera Deck


Inside the Primary Flight Control room. Lots of vintage 1950's navigation equipment.


Vintage Teletype machine. They must of had at least 50 of these. These were the main source of shore to ship communication...


Pneumatic tubes used to deliver paper messages from the radio room to various places on the ship. I want John to install a tube system in the Winnebago....


Some of the massive amount of vintage radio equipment setup in the radio rooms.


Morse Code (CW) stations were messages were received and typed on paper.


rows of more teletype equipment

These pictures barely scratch the surface of everything we experienced on board. The USS Hornet (CV-12) Wikkipedia page does a great job of giving the history of the carrier – better then I could.

This morning we went to the Livermore Area Radio Club’s swap meet. This is the second time I have been to it and John’s first. I purchased some Mac software (FileMaker Pro 5.5) and John got lots of little connectors and odd’s and ends… We spent an hour or so at the swap meet and then went for breakfast at our usual spot. They are not very busy, but the waitress recognises us… I like their food – their Omulettes are tasty, hash browns crispy and not overly greasy….

The rest of the day I did my normal laundry duties, played XBOX, did some stuff on the computer….

Now I need to get organized for the upcoming work week, read and fall asleep…..

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