Hello All, John here.

I apologize for not blogging while Derek has been gone. Been in sort of a crappy mood, and haven’t had much to say. In any case, He made it to Temecula safely, and will be returning tomorrow, hopefully also safely. I get really worried when he travels alone… Imagine that, me worried about something… He seems to be having a good training session with his college and also balancing some duties that were handed off to him today for the operation here in Irving that he is still working on now. Poor Derek, I am working him to death.

I was playing my new game most of the time he was gone. I finished it yesterday. I tend to get obsessed with them so I don’t get a new one often… Fable 2 was Okay, but not great. The first one was much better, and this one seemed as the developer was rushed to put it out. They Map is very similar and they took away some of the interaction. Anyhow, I had a few days fun playing it.

Today I went to Target and Walmart for Groceries. I also stopped at Hobby Lobby to find a base for a little 12 volt fan that Marcus gave us. He pulled it out of a wrecked SNI truck. It is similar to the fans that are near our windshield, but those will not work without the ignition key on. I want to mount it on a base, and put a cord on it so we can move it wherever we want/need it. I saw Ron & Terry did something similar.

I also had to run to find a box big enough for the Winch. The sale is finally coming through. The buyer is supposed to be arranging shipping. At least it will be gone and I will have something for it.

Tomorrow my plan is to clean up some here. I want Derek to come home to nice clean house.

Other than that not much going on here. No luck in my hunt for my next menial task. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that it is time to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life… I know for sure I do not want to go back into Transportation, in any capacity. I also know that I need to find something to occupy my time and give me some purpose, as I have been really struggling with that for quite a while. I also know that the minimum wage stuff I have been “Tinkering” with while we have been full-time is becoming less and less attractive. The huge catch I have found to these types of jobs is that even though they don’t pay and are supposed to be “Fun” they rarely are, and you still end up giving them all your talent. There really is no “Off” switch or “Dimmer” switch to only give these employers what they are paying for… At least that isn’t something I can do. Maybe it is time I go back to School, or we find a way to scrape together enough cash for the down payment of a park, as right now might be the right time to buy since the market is so low. I dunno… My other thought is maybe it is time to write the book I have always wanted to… I guess that is the exciting part, is the unknown, but for me that excitement tends to become anxiety.

ANYHOW… I am off to call Derek and head to bed.

Have a good night.

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