Greetings from Carrollton, TX…

I had a boring day at work… Seems like most of the managers were at a meeting over at Corporate so the place seemed dead… that usually means that tomorrow management will come back with their new “marching orders” and I will get at least one new project assigned to me…

While I was at work, I was looking at the picture of our motor home in our current site that I have set as the wallpaper on my work computer and thought that it would look better if there was an outdoor carpet by the front door… so I sent John an email asking what he thought. He went to Home Depot and priced the carpet at $5.00 to $6.00 per foot. He did not purchase any… he attempted to call me and when I answered all I could hear was the store background noise. I assumed he accidentally called me…. so he did not purchase any…. guess he was not in the mood…

For supper John made a chicken stir fry – it was good…. After I got the supper dishes done, I spent a few hours working on my side project, then spent an hour playing Warcraft… oh, so exciting….

Yesterday Prince decided to be anti-social and spent the day in his carrier box sleeping, and then last evening he slept on the couch and floor – totally ignoring us… I felt his nose and it was cool – not warm – so don’t think he is under the weather… perhaps we tired him out over the weekend…. today he seems back to his normal demeanor…..

Not much else going on…. going to read for a bit – reading another Agatha Christie mystery – The Mirror Crack’d from side to side:

I see that it was made into a movie in 1980… I will have to see if Netflix has it after I finish reading it…

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