Greetings from Texas…. This morning we woke up to a thunderstorm and the sound of rain on the roof. By the time I left the MoHo for work the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing off. The temps were a bit cooler today as a result – only a high of 95 ° ….

Work was typical for a Friday… the morning went by quickly, went to Subway for lunch (chicken salad on flatbread is my current favorite sandwich), and when I returned most of my coworkers had left for the day…. I spent the afternoon working on some Quickr stuff that needed to get done sometime…. I left at 4:00pm becuase I had my 40 hours in for the week…

John always wants me to figure out some place to dine out at on Friday evenings… so went to www.entertainment.com and found a pizza place with a $5.00 off coupon – Palio’s Pizza Cafe. We ordered a large pizza with sausage and two drinks. I attempted to use the coupon but it was only for orders of $25.00 or more… our order was only for around $20.00… To increase the amount to over $25.00 I would have had to order an x-large pizza and breadsticks…. but was not that hungry, so did not use coupon… Guess I did not earn my coupon queen points for the day :( The pizza was pretty good… it had a thin chewy crust like I like… we had no problem polishing off the large pizza…. I would go back again….


New site...

Here is some pictures of the MoHo in our current site:


The new site has larger tree by for more shade...

Not much else going on – John is working on upgrading the ham radio antennas again… he purchased two different ones today from Texas Towers. He said the store was a pit and the service was really bad. He was ignored until he found what he wanted, brought it to the counter and then waited 10 minutes for the guy behind the counter to finish his phone call…. His guess is that their business model does not include customer service…..

The Verizon DSL service that was originally scheduled to be turned on today was not.. John called Verizon to complain and found that the real date is unknown… The operator was very nice and said that internet only DSL service is given a low priority, but she would attempt to get it bumped up. John should get a call in the morning with more information and a date for the service to start. We received the DSL modem in the mail yesterday – so just waiting for someone to change a flag in one of Verizon’s computer systems to get us access…. someday… maybe….

Last evening was the season premiere of Project Runway – one of my favorite tv shows. This season the show is on Lifetime instead of Bravo. The show itself has not changed – exactly the same as it was on Bravo – which is good. What has changed is the commercials that Lifetime plays… I had to sit through commercials for tuna fish, tampons, twat trimmers and diapers… Bravo had much cooler commercials… so now I need to make sure to record Project Runway first so I can fast forward through the horrid commercials. I read an article on one of news sites about how Lifetime is trying to change their image from “battered women shows” to a younger hipper demographic… Project Runway still seems very out of place on the new network….. At least there are some hottie contestants on the show.. my favorite so far is Christopher….

No real plans for the weekend… John is going to keep working on ham radio antennas… I plan on working on side project and that’s about it……

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