Greetings from Carrollton, TX….

Yesterday the power went off again to the row of motor homes we are in – guess their “fix” did not exactly work… John complained to management and the best they can do is move us to another site – one row over and down 10 sites… So next Wednesday John will be moving on over… right now there is a crappy park model complete with lots of crap scattered around it and a dead tree on the site… they are going to cut the tree down and get everything cleaned up for us… this should be good…..

The Reflectics on the front window of the MoHo has been helping to keep us a bit cooler. Seems like the temps has been 5 to 10 degrees cooler… every little bit helps, but it will be nice when fall comes and we can take it down… don’t like the “cave” feeling of not being able to look outside or get any sunlight in…

We are both having a boring week… John continues to answer lots of questions about the stuff we are selling on ebay… today he purchased packing supplies and has most of the big stuff all ready to ship out once the auctions end tomorrow and payment is sent…. and in some cases IF payment is sent… the eBay system is not very friendly to people selling stuff anymore… sellers can only leave very limited feedback and have almost no recourse when someone does not pay you… I feel like eBay’s best years have already past….

Today way a payday, so this evening I paid bills. The very last payment for the Subaru Baja has been sent – Yeah!!! I also sent in the first payment for the Jeep…. yeah… The rest of the bills were routine… paid our annual Family Motor Coach Association membership dues… I like their monthly magazine, but I this month I can’t believe people are still writing in asking how to hook up their digital converter boxes… If they can’t figure that out, can imagine what they do for other RV maintenance issues… guess they don’t have a John to take care of their MoHo’s… I also can’t believe all the stupid crap people do with PVC pipe.. flag poles, shitter hose holder, flower pots and on and on…..

John’s alerted me to an upcoming maintenance issue… he has noticed that their is a small drip of hydraulic fluid coming out from under the living room slide… there is probably a seal that needs to be replaced, but doing so will require taking the slide out or tilting it… Ideally he wants to take it to the Winnebago factory in Iowa, but not sure we want to take a week off and do it… sure we will figure something out….

We finished watching the second season of Mad Men on DVD, and are looking forward to the new season starting on AMC this Sunday.. I really like how they make early 1960′s decor and fashion look good… I’m sure someone did lots of research to get it right… One of the characters in the show, Pete, reminds me of one of my coworkers… makes me giggle…

My Hello Kitty t-shirt has not arrived yet.. I think they take orders for several weeks and then make the shirts all at once…

Tonight John took me to a different hamburger place called Mooyah Burger and Fries…. it’s a faux trendy place on the order of Chipolte where they make basic hamburgers that you customize with your choice of toppings. All of the toppings are included in the price, except for cheese.. I had a Mooyah Burger with grilled onions, pickes and A1 sauce, chocolate shake and fries. Everything was good… they bake their own buns daily and you could tell… yummy…

I’m off to read for a bit and fall asleep…

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