Hello all, John here. Live from Boogerville Park Texas!

It hasn’t been quite as hot lately, but still warmer than I like it. I don’t think we have crossed 100 for a couple days now…

Still hasn’t helped the A/C situation much. The direct sunlight warms the camper up very quickly. Especially when with the power issues we have had lately. Seems the line we are on has a weak breaker, and as soon as it gets close to a full load on it it trips, and then of course it won’t reset until it cools. It gets even more frustrating since there is no one around after the store closes, and no emergency number to call. I went up the the office yesterday and told Randy the “lack of maintenance guy” I wasn’t very happy about it and asked what his plan was to get it taken care of. He basically blew it off with rumblings about how cooperate isn’t going to like the bill, and how he didn’t think it was so bad since he only had heard about it once in the last 4 days. I asked him then how he liked having to burn his own fuel for electricity that he was already paying for? And how much they were going to knock off my rent for the inconvenience of it. He huffed off, so I thought I got my point across, but later yesterday evening we still had the same problems. As soon as the store opened today I went in to talk to Pam. Randy’s wife (I assume) was on the desk, and I asked her when Pam would be in. She said she was in the office, and she would grab her for me (in an attempt to intervene in the situation no doubt). Pam was very apologetic, and explained that Randy hadn’t brought it to her attention until last evening. She promised they have the electrician coming out to change the breaker today, and it will be fixed. I like Pam, she really does try to do whatever she can to make things right. I think she was handed a whole pile of crap with this park and is way over her head.

The electricians came about noon today. Swapped out the breaker and all was good… Until they put the box cover back on. Seems the electricians they call are about as bright as the rest of the maintenance guys, as they ran one of the cover screws for the box straight through one of the hot legs when they were screwing it back down. He is lucky he didn’t end up crispy, as there is one hell of a lot of power coming into that box. Luckily it blew the main quick enough. Their solution was to wrap the whole they put in the cable with electrical tape, and not put a screw in that location. Sigh.

In other news some of our eBay auctions are doing OK, but others don’t have any bids on them at all. I am a bit surprised that Derek’s iTouch hasn’t had any activity. His Power Book is doing quite well, so hopefully the rest of them kick in and we can get rid of some of this junk… I am getting sick of answering stupid questions, like “will you ship to Kazakhstan” when I have clearly in all my ads posted that I will ONLY SHIP to the USA. ARGH! Read will you?!?!

A couple days ago I got to talk with Mr. Albers from Saint Louis, he just got back from a trip to Oshkosh, and the EAA. I think he called mostly to make me jealous! Sounded like he had a really good time, and was able to see some fantastic airplanes. For Labor Day some of the STL group is headed to a lake in Arkansas, it turns out it is about half way for us too, so we booked a site there. Its a long trip for a holiday weekend, but it will be awesome to see them again, and good to get out of here for a couple day trip. We both have been looking for a short trip to go on so this sort of fit the bill. We need to get some good pictures of the camper and Jeep so we can change the blog header, and running the camper is a good idea too.

Aside from that, all is well here, nothing really else to report…

Have a good evening.

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