Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th!!!

Amazon.com is running a special promotion today where you can download 1 of 30 versions of “The Star Spangled Banner” for free. I went with the one by Dolly Parton.

Free Star Spangled Banner

We both had yesterday (Friday) off of work. My employer gave everyone Friday off because July 4th is on a Saturday this year. John and I spend most of the morning driving around and doing some power shopping at Fry’s and Best Buy. John wanted to get an additional protective cover for his iPhone, so he purchased a product called InvisibleShield by ZAGG:

The sad thing about getting it at Best Buy is that they cost $30.00 each and I see that Amazon had them for 1/2 that price. Oh well, John purchased two of them and installed them on both of our iPhones. Installation looked like a real pain – you have to apply several “virtually indestructible” films to the iPhone. The kit comes with little spray bottles with water/vinegar in them that you moisten the films with to help position them on your phone. John was not having much fun with them, but they turned out well. I like how the film give a small amount of texture to the screen, so finger prints do not show up as easily.

John also decided it was time for a new mouse for “his computer”. The mouse he has been using was one that I received from my parents as a gift at least 5 years ago (before we went full time). The old mouse did a good job, but lately the laser light in it flickers on and off now and then. I assume the USB cable that goes to the mouse is going bad. We looked at both Fry’s and Best Buy at mice, and neither store had that great of a selection, but John went with a cordless “Logitech MX Revolution” model:

We then rounded out our purchases at Fry’s – John got a flexible USB LED light and I got Season 2 of Six Feet Under on DVD:

I’ve never seen the Six Feet Under series, but now I’m really getting into it. John has decided that he does not like the series, so I’m sure that has something to do with me never seeing it. Our shopping therapy was fun and we did not do too much damage to the checking account. I used some restraint and did not purchase the Apple 1TB Time Capsule:

I would like to get a Time Capsule so we can back up both of our laptops to it and also have a central, shared location for our iTunes library. This way when either of us purchases something in the iTunes store, it will then show up in both of our iTunes. Right now I have to connect to John’s computer (OS X makes this easy) and manually grab the music and iPhone apps John purchases. Another time….


Prince Keeping Cool

The temps in the MoHo got to around 85 ° yesterday. It does not seem that warm with the AC and the fan keeping air moving around, but you could tell that Prince was “feeling the heat”. He kept finding new places to lay down and stretch out. Here’s a pic of him when he decided the counter top above the stove was the coolest place to be:

So today John has to work from 8:00am to 4:00pm. He will probably spend most of the day helping new arrivals get parked, dealing with misbehaving children, filling propane tanks and looking pretty. The mowing is caught up and employees are not supposed to mow on weekends – so no mowing for John today….

We’ve been getting lots of emails, IM’s and phone calls about our pending announcement on the 10th. Most of the guesses we have received have been more or less correct, but still not saying anything on the blog…

Here’s a picture of John that I took with iPhone yesterday:


He either needs to fart, or he is plotting some "KOA Revenge"....

I’m off to make the bed, shower and pick out a festive 4th of July outfit to wear…..

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