Hello all,

It’s Raining here. Has been all day. If it is not hot, it is raining… Still not liking the weather in Texas.

So, I didn’t do a whole lot today… Yesterday I changed the oil in the Jeep… I forgot to pull the air plug on the drain pan, so you all know what that means… Oil can’t go in if Air can’t go out and John made a damn big mess in front of the camper. I only lost about a quart of oil, but man does a quart look like a lot all flat like on the ground… I just had a bad thought, I’ll be nice and not share it… Sigh. Anyhow, the rest of it went fine… Other than the Stupid Drain plug that uses an Allen wrench, and I need to get a small cup filter, as all my filter wrenches are a tad bit bigger. Anyhow, it is done, and the stupid Mobil 1 0w-40 oil is freakin’ expensive. Yes, 0w-40… Sigh. Anyhow, Today I tried to clean up more of my mess… I mopped it up as best I could yesterday, but the big stain is still there. I tried some detergents on it today, so hopefully some of the rain washed it away. Nothing like a big black spot that says ‘This guy is breaking the rules”…

I did call NAPA and ask about my application and got the standard answer– We’ll call you. Sigh. Also applied to several jobs on craigslist, about half of which turned out to be total scams.

Derek made it home about 5:30 and said he would be going to Temecula, CA to help train a new programmer there. We don’t know a lot of details yet, but if it is more than a week or so we might just take the camper out there. If it is just a few days he will probably just fly out.

So, that is all I got… Nothing exciting here.


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