Greetings from St. Louis, MO.

Once again we are at the airport waiting for our flight to board. The weather here is a bit stormy and wet and our flight has been delayed by 25 minutes. With some luck that will be the only delay we have…

Our weekend here went pretty much as planned. Paul B. was a gracious host and made us feel at home. His old Victorian house is very cool to check out – he has lots of old radios, Victrolas and etc… John says it has more antiques then most antique stores – I agree but it is still really neat…. a big THANK YOU!! goes out to Paul for letting us stay with him…

Perry’s memorial get together was nice. It was the type of event that Perry would have enjoyed – lots of friends and foods gathering to remember good times. We enjoyed seeing friends that we’ve not seen since we left St. Louis last August. We also meet Perry’s sisters and other family members – they were very nice. The sister that was closest to him explained that Perry did things his way his whole life, so he checked out on his terms also. That is how I’ve come to terms with his demise.. but I still think he is a dumb ass for doing what he did….


Zeke with one of his new owners and his "sister".

Perry’s dog Zeke was in attendance with his new owners – one of Perry’s neighbors who has a dog that Zeke played with often. It is obvious that Zeke is being very well cared for with his new “sister” and family.

There was lots of food. I helped Paul B. grill up some hamburgers and hotdogs. We make lots and lots, but there was not much left over. There was around 40 to 50 people in attendance. The weather was overcast and humid with some scattered showers. It rained a bit when we first arrived at 10:30am, but then it dried off and was fine – with lots of humidity and temps in the lower 90′s. There was also a box of photo’s that Perry accumulated through the years. It was obvious from looking at the pics that Perry had a full life with many many friends. It was fun seeing pictures of our St. Louis friends many years before we meet them… when they were still in their 20′s…. We also meet a couple who were friends with Perry who live in the Dallas area – we exchanged contact information – so perhaps we can have a “Friends of Perry” get together sometime…



Before we left, we scattered a portion of Perry’s ashes in the park. We thought it was an appropriate place because he always walked Zeke there, rain or shine. It was a sad moment for everyone….

After the memorial get together, we went back to Paul’s house with Mike and Doug, chatted, watched tv, ordered pizza and enjoyed catching up and talking about Perry. Then around 9:00pm we went out to several gay bars where we meet up with Brian and Rich S. There’s several bars that are within walking distance from each other, so we did a bit of a “bar crawl” having a round at each place.


Rich S.


John enjoying a beer.. not too much.. you have a CDL to protect...

We made it back to Paul’s place by midnight and went to bed shortly after…

This morning we meet Rich A. and Rich S. at Chris’s for breakfast – one of Perry’s favorite places. Breakfast was good and John got to chat with his favorite waitress, Dawn. After breakfast John went to the St. Louis RV park to visit with George and Lynn, the owners of the park. They were glad to see him and spent a few hours chatting and catching up on old times. While John was at the RV park, Paul and I went to the St. Louis Zoo. Paul is a member of the zoo, so we received free parking and the zoo itself is “free”. We enjoyed wandering around checking out the various animals.


Meerkat checking things out..

My favorite was two playful Asian elephants who we watched hopping into a pool of water and playing around. We also checked out the primates, seals, hippos and many other animals. I will not bore you with lots of animal pictures – but here is a cute MeerKat…

After the zoo we meet up with John and had lunch at Micheal’s Bar and Grill – it is close to Paul’s house and they have good food. John had his favorite – a Gyro sandwich… it looked yummy. I had a simple hamburger that hit the spot..

We then went back to Paul’s place for a bit and then headed out to return the rental car and get through security. We accomplished both with no problems and now we’re at our gate waiting to board in 90 minutes….

It will be nice to get back “home” to Dallas, so we can get adjusted in the new RV park and get back to “normal”. John will pick up Prince from “kitty jail” (the vets office where he is boarded). I’m sure he will be happy to see us….

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