Hello all, John here.

Well, Jim and Garrett are sadly gone. They hit the road fairly early yesterday AM. It was nice to meet them and we had lots of fun with having friends here in the park with us. Reminds us how much more we need to get out and do things! Hopefully we will run into them in the future.

Changing Subjects quickly, I want to announce that my Sister Jamie gave birth to her third child. Logan Joel Drahiem. She has yet to send me a picture. She said the labor was easy compared to the girls, and that they were both doing well. Bob (he husband) is still in a lot of pain from his car accident last week, but is trying to get up and around. Hopefully the drama will be over for them for a while!

The park here has been Interesting to say the least. We have had the police here twice in the last two days, once on a welfare check, and the second time for a family dispute between father and teenage sons. Work life has been typical as nothing has really changed, and it still really sucks. I was pretty pissed off yesterday again after killing myself to get more done than the “Great Plan”, I was basically told to go do more and then accused of breaking yet another machine I had not touched in over a week, in the end it turned out the two geniuses just did not know how to properly turn it on (Yes Bright One, the Big Yellow “On” Switch works). Add the Fun Filled Days of Al with the Obnoxious Guests and I am sure the holiday weekend will be just a freakin’ riot.

Change is in the air here, but I won’t spill the beans until the necessary parties have been properly informed, so stay tuned for some minor updates in the next day or so.

My eBay auctions all ended, and sold for actually decent money. I have received payment on two of them, and I think I am getting burned on the third item. This will be my second non-payment auction, so I guess I am not too upset, and if I would have caught it earlier, I would have barred the bidder as he had no feedback. I will be offering it up as a second chance to the other bidders, and then re-listing if needed.

We are getting excited for our trip back to Saint Louis. We wish it was under better circumstances, but we still are happy to go to see all our friends there. I need to make some final arrangements this week yet, but we should be set to fly out on the 10th.

Other than that all is well here in Sunny DFW! The weather hear has cooled some, but then its is hard to notice it when temps are still in the mid 90′s down from 105′s, At least the A/C is keeping up now. We did bring in the box fan from the storage compartment, which moves lots of air and makes a pretty big difference on the inside of the coach in hot weather. I am trying to put of what I feel in the inevitable of adding a third A/C on the roof. I really don’t want to spend the money or cut a hole in the roof for somehting we will only really need to use a very limited time (Hopefully) as we have no intentions of staying here long term.

Anyhow, That is all I got for now!

Stay safe and have a good day!


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