Howdy from land of both Country and Western music….

I had a good day at work – for a Monday. I was pretty much left alone and was able to work on my main large project. I got a major chunk of functionality completed and tested, but I still have several months of work left to do… I doubt I will be left along for long – I have several projects waiting for management to make decisions on and I will probably need to be working on them shortly…

Today was the keynote address at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and they announced lots of cool upgrades/enhancements to their iPhones, laptops and OS X operating systems. My favorite web site to see the announcements is MacRumors. John has agreed to letting us upgrade our phones to iPhones sometime in the next few months. It will be a little bit more per month, but not that much and the phones will fit in well with our Macs. The decision, in part, was made because they will be making iPhones with 32gigs of storage – enough to hold our music library. Another plus is that the updated iPhone operating system will allow tethering of the iPhone’s internet connection to your computer via usb or bluetooth – so we could use that internet connection instead of the Verizon EVDO card. The slight downer about the tethering is that AT&T will not have it enabled for several months and may charge more to use it – but it still may be cheaper then the two Verizon phones we have and the EVDO card. I will need a Swarovski Crystal protector for my phone so we can tell them apart.

I found an interesting article on the web about a company who is making flexible solar panels in a factory in Michigan. It would be cool if we could glue the flexible panels on the roof of the RV and the awnings to generate power. I’m sure it is way too expensive to consider, but it would be cool….

Tomorrow, John is going to State of Texas “Propane School”. Texas requires anyone who dispenses propane to go through a one day training class and take two tests. So tomorrow is John’s big day – he gets to spend an entire day thinking about propane… one of his favorite topics… only after diesel fuel…

Prince had a rough weekend – I think it must be hard being Prince:

Not much else going one… the season premiere of My Life on the D-List is starting in a few minutes…. Kathy makes me giggle….

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