Greetings from the Lone Star State….

Sorry for the delay in doing a blog entry – we have been enjoying having Jim and Garret around and our blogging has suffered. So we need to get caught up with what we have been doing.

On Saturday Jim planned a fun trip to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. John and I had been there a few months back, but did not see everything. Our second experience was a bit different because it was really hot outside, it was very crowded and we had to pay $20.00 for parking. Not complaining, but just noting the differences in our visit. The first thing we did was Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show. The shows was in the air conditioned Cow Town Coliseum. The AC felt wonderful! The show was somewhat short and simple, but showcased some trick riders, some shooting of guns, singing and tricks with lasso’s. I enjoyed singing along to the ballads the cowboys sang – “I’m back in the saddle again…..“. We had 1/2 price tickets to the show – so the price was right. It was worth seeing…. once… I would like to go back and see a real rodeo sometime…. when it is not so hot outside..

After the show we walked over to the Cowtown Cattle Pen Maze. All four of us did the maze – you get a card with the letters M-A-Z-E on it and you find your way around the maze in search of the four stations that have paper punches in the shape of each letter. Punch each letter and get out of the maze as fast as you can. Jim had the fastest time at 16 minutes. I ended up taking 21 minutes – but I was still quicker then John who came in last… The maze was tougher then expected – it got a bit frustrating constantly walking into dead-end paths and having to turn around and try another way….

Check out Jim and Garret’s 6-29-2009 blog posting – it has lots of pictures of everyone.

We then attempted to dine at Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, but the line to get in was long, it was hot outside and we said the heck with it. We ended up at a Chili’s close to the RV park – which was just fine with me… I like their fajitas…..

On Sunday we had Jim and Garret over for supper. I made a pan of enchiladas and a pan of corn casserole with avocado dip. Everything turned out good. To help keep the MoHo cooler, I prepared everything and then baked it using the stove in the KOA clubhouse. I got to watch over the over while watching German children fight, whine and be little monsters…. One older lady came in and asked me if those were their kids – I said “OH – NO!!” She then proceeded to yell at them, tell them this was not their living room and either straighten up or she would call the campground office. It helped for 5 minutes… I ended up yelling at one little boy who kept holding open the door and letting the hot outside air in…. The food turned out good – there was not much left – just enough for John to have for lunch today.

After supper John did the dishes (very nice of him) and we hung out talking about top-secret, gay mafia, blogging tactics that I’m not allowed to divulge… unless you know the secret bloggers handshake and have the correct decoder ring. We (except for John) then went swimming at the KOA pool. Our arrival in the pool chased away most of the straight people. Within 5 minutes of us splashing around, everyone else was running with their children through the gate… Works for me…. The water in the pool is very warm, but it still felt good and we ended up staying in until almost 10:00pm….

This morning I really did not want to get up… My butt was “stuck to the mattress” so John got up and got ready for work first then tossed my lazy, gay ass out of bed… I ended up getting to work 15 minutes later then normal – no big deal – I ended up in a meeting and left work 15 minutes later then normal. I was tired at work, but managed to plod along and got a few things accomplished. During my lunch break I stopped by a post office and send off two packages for John. One of them was an item he sold on ebay and the other was the old ham radio power supply going back to friend in Wisconsin..

Tonight is Jim and Garret’s last evening with us… they will be continuing their journey in the morning – leaving us to be “the only gays in the village”. We went out to eat at a local Italian restaurant named Birra Porettiā€™s Italian Restaurant and Irish Bar. It seemed like a strange combination (Italian and Irish), but I really did not see much of the Irish influence… I had a linguine dish with asparagus and prosciutto in a olive oil/cream sauce – it was really good.


Garret, Derek, Jim and John

Here’s a picture I stole from Jim and Garret’s blog of us at Birra Poretti’s:

It was great being able to meet them in person after following their blog for almost a year. Having someone in the park to spend time with was a treat. I hope our paths will cross again in the future……

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