Hi – This is Derek in Pennsylvania….

My first day of training went well. The class is small, so it is very casual and everyone gets lots of individual attention. Today’s class was all about how to manage Sametime communications. The topic was not earth shattering, but I did pick up lots of little “nuggets of knowledge” that will be helpful. The time in class went by quickly, which is usually the mark of a good class. The instructor is fun and keeps things upbeat and interesting. Tomorrow we are getting into Quickr – what I really need to learn all about.

Right now I’m watching a bit of the Jon & Kate, plus 8 – their big divorce announcement – it is kinda uncomfortable to watch. I believe they live about an hour from where I’m at. Don’t think I will watch the show all the way through – I never found either Jon or Kate to be overly endearing or interesting….

I talked to John on the phone and he had a long, hot day of mowing grass. His boss was less then affable today, so he is in a bit of a pissy mood. I believe that some Facebook chats, ham radio and supper should help his situation.


Philly Cheese Steak from mall vendor... just ok...

After class I went back to the hotel, changed into some jeans and then went to a local shopping mall for supper. I had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich from a vendor in the food court – it was just ok… I didn’t finish the sandwich or the fries, but the coleslaw was good.

After eating, I did some mall walking for 45 minutes thinking about how I should watch what I eat more and go on a diet… The mall was really dead – not many people at all – so the kiosk vendors kept bugging me.. seems like the ones selling lotions are always the most aggressive… I walked past a fountain that had sculpture of birds in it. Each time I walked past it I kept thinking that the birds were really tacky – they looked like they were continually puking water… Here’s a short video I took of them with the iPhone:

The iPhone makes it really handy and easy to take videos and post them on YouTube – so now I have one less excuse for not adding more videos to the blog… I’m still working on getting the new MacBook Pro configured and working. Seems like the more I use it, the more items I need to install, configure and copy over to it.. I’m looking forward to having it all setup and to start working on some fun programming projects with it….. John asked me why don’t I make my own iPhone app’s …. I should give it a try… Perhaps I could make a ham radio logging app for it…. Hmmm…

I emailed Jim and Garret to see if they have anything planned with John – they are going to supper and a movie tomorrow evening… I wanted to make sure John was being social and did not stay hiding out in the RV each evening in front of the ham radio….

Not much else going on…. going to work on computer, watch tv, chat with John and get to sleep…..

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