Greetings from Arlington, Ye’All…

Jim and Garret made it here this evening. It is really nice to have friends in the park. This is the first time we have meet in person, but have been following each others blogs for past year… so it it like we’re old friends who have crossed paths… Jim likes to say that “we’re slippery” since we left San Lenadro, CA and then Palm Springs, CA before they made it… I figured that with our track records, John would quit his job and we would hit the road before the arrived.. but nope – it worked out – Yeah!!

We all went out for supper to a Spring Creek Barbecue that is close to the KOA. I was hungry and the food was tasty. My main complaint is that they did not have Pork BBQ on the menu – so I had a combination Beef/Chicken platter with side of potato salad and mac n cheese. It was fun chatting with Jim and Garret in person, talking about our travels, future places to visit and about our schedules. I’m heading out for training tomorrow and will return on Thursday, but John will be around in the evenings – so I’m sure they will have some fun…

I spent all evening yesterday and most of today working on getting the two iPhones and the new MacBook Pro all configured. Getting everything configured has been interesting. I ended up setting up my Mobile Me account as a “family account” so John can have email, and sync his data from “his computer” to his iPhone. His computer was actually “our computer” until yesterday – so now it is like going though a messy computer divorce – I’m having to get all my stuff off of his computer so he can “move in”…. I have copied off all of my iTunes Music, Videos, Applications, Photos, Documents, Mail accounts and etc and transferring it all over to my new computer. Then I’m also having to move stuff from my old PowerBook G4 and the Dell PC. It will be nice when it is all done, but it is taking lots of time to set everything up.

I ended up purchasing a new copy of Parallels for MAC and Windows XP so I can run the Lotus Notes Domino software on it. Fry’s only had OEM versions of Windows XP – but it worked out fine. I setup Boot Camp so I can boot the MacBook Pro directly into Windows without having to load OS X. Then I installed Parallels and it recognized the Boot Camp version of Windows XP. Parallels will let me run Windows at the same time I run OS X. I have not setup much of the Windows XP stuff yet – I just got done copying all of the important files off the Dell – so I can just take the portable hard drive with me and work on it evenings at the hotel. I will eventually setup a Linux environment – but don’t need right away….

I think I finally have my iPhone synched up with my new iTunes setup. I’ve lost my play lists, but that is no big deal. There’s also a few apps I purchased that are on my iPod Touch, but not on the iPhone yet…. I have not played around with my iPhone much – I’m hoping that the video recording capability of it works well enough so maybe I can do some video blogging… would be a bit of a change from typing… I want to find a way that I can take pictures and videos and have them posted to the blog automatically… that might be asking for too much, but I think that I can figure something out with Automator built into OS X.

John put some stuff for sale on ebay today – two 30 gig iPod Videos and a SWR meter. We will eventually also sell my old Mac and the Dell Laptop… With some luck, we may make enough to reimburse the cost of an iPhone, or two…. Main reason for selling the stuff is that we don’t need it anymore, so why take up space with it….

I have not started to pack for tomorrow yet. I did laundry today so it should not take very long to get everything in the suitcase in the morning…. famous last words….

Before I head off to bed I need to print out my e-tickets, rental car and hotel information so I know where I need to go and etc…. have a good night….

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