Hello All, John here… With news and commentary from Hot and Humid Arlington, TX.

First off, Work… Oh how I like to bitch about work. So, yesterday I closed (12:00 to 8:00 then lockup at 10:00), and Al was Unusually nice to me for what i didn’t quite get at first, but then his motives surfaced. I started off with finishing the grass up, and went to grab the weed eater, and he stopped me telling me that he would take care of it.. Cool! It’s hot out and if there is anything I hate doing more than anything else is weed eating (mostly because I am normally in shorts and I hate being covered in “Organic Matter” all damn day. But, in either case, I would have done it… I then finally talked him into cutting down a tree that has been dead forever and the person in the site left temporarily, so we could get at it without dropping it on his RV, so we did that. By then it was almost 4:00, time for him to leave, and he cornered me then about working today. I told him Tuesday that I wasn’t Scheduled for Friday, reminded him Wednesday, and then Thursday Night he wants ME to confront Chuck about it. Sorry, I don’t want to work I told him. More directly, the day off is worth more than the $40.00 I would make working. So I listen to his “We really could use you tomorrow” speech, and “We have so much to get done”, blah Blah BLAH! I relented with, “If there is something specific, I will help you out, but if it is ‘weed eating’ I am really not interested.” He then wanted me to talk with Chuck, and basically told him that it sounded to me like that was a “Maintenance Supervisor’s Job”. In any case, I dropped it and choose not to talk to Chuck, since I really did not want to work anyhow.

So, this AM, I was in the middle of a conversation with a Friend in WI, and I hear a knock on the door at 9:00. Fuck that, I ignored it. 9:30, Knock again. Ignored it. Then my phone rang. It was Al, and he said that “Chuck wanted to know why I wasn’t at work”. It is bad enough that he has to pressure me, but then straight out lie to me? Ok, Maybe Chuck didn’t realize that I wasn’t scheduled, fine, still not my problem. Maybe if Al wasn’t such a douche to me most of the time I would have went in, maybe. The bottom line is, I wasn’t on the schedule, and I wasn’t coming in, if he doesn’t like it tough, and if Chuck is that scatter brained that he can’t schedule 8 people, again, not my problem. So, I am sure I am right up on top of the Ass Hole list at KOA today, but the great part about it… I don’t get paid enough to care! Maybe it is time to move on…

Moving on… It is New Technology Day! Derek’s reward to himself for completing the part time project was a new computer that he could use for development and personal stuff. He wanted another MacBook Pro, the new one, so I picked up the one and only in Arlington. Since today was the release of the iPhone 3Gs, I figured Best Buy would be Mobbed, along with the Apple Store, but Best Buy was closer, so I went there. Amazingly there was no line for iPhones, so I jumped at the chance to grab 2 of the new 32gb ones, the last two they had. Derek has wanted an iPhone since they came out, and I wouldn’t mind one either… My big hold back has been the AT&T network, but most I talk to say it is usable or haven’t had any problems. Everyone I have talked to LOVES their iPhone, and we decided we would try them. I decided not to Port our numbers, and get two fresh ones. Partly because we seem to be getting a lot of telemarketers lately, and secondly because I was able to get two sequential numbers. If you normally have our phone numbers and do not get an E-mail in the next day or so from us, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL, and I will get it off to you. Now Derek needs to spend the weekend setting up his new computer and getting all his CRAP off mine! :P It will be kind of nice to have my own computer again. :) I’ll let him explain more about the techy stuff.

Moving on again… I want to thank everyone who has sent congrats to me for the upgrade. It is nice to see that people still read the blog! Actually it will be interesting to see the numbers again at the end of the month as we tend to be on a big upswing again. I also want to make a comment about the Blog itself. Recently it has been brought to my attention from a old friend that sometimes I am hard on certain segments of the population, and I want to be really clear that my intention is never to alienate anyone. Our aim at keeping this Online Journal is about staying in touch, and keeping an online record of general events. It is by no means a complete record, nor is it meant to be that. It is also written from our point of view, which you may or may not agree with or even like to read. Understand that our goal isn’t to judge people, but to share our thoughts on what we experience, we do not expect everyone to like everything we say. I feel being honest is worth more than making people feel warm and fuzzy. That being said, I do realize I (especially I) can be slightly (just a little) judgmental, controlling, and expressive of my opinion. Take it for what it is worth, about as much as you have paid to read it! :)

Anyhow, That is all I care to write for now! Derek can add some pretty pictures later if he desires!

See ya!


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