Hello All, John here.

Good Morning. Yes, I know, I am bored… Working nights at the KOA the last couple days. I don’t so much mind the shift, as it is sort of the lazy person’s shift, and I can do more of the things I like about work camping (interaction with the cool people, and mostly avoiding Al), but not going in until noon sort of throws me out of whack schedule wise. I still get up early so I have all this time to kill before noon, and I can’t really go outside or I will be barraged by the King of Ass Clowns… Not to mention it has been Hot as hell here, and going outside means that I will literally melt. They keep saying it will get hotter, but I am not sure how it can, as you can hardly breath when you walk outside the way it is. Yesterday I pushed about 20 sites before had enough… I only have another 10 or so left. In the 3 hours it took me, I think I had to drink over 2 gallons of water to stay hydrated. It is getting a little old having to come home at lunch to shower and change clothes because what I am wearing is literally wringing wet. I also can report the KOA really does mean Kids on Attack, as since school has let out, we have had nothing but monsters running around. Our housekeeper is going crazy keeping up with them, and for some reason I am still in shock as to how these parents think it is just “Ok” to let them loose and destroy our property. I do think we should instate a new rule, a leash law for any child under 18. I get really frustrated at night when I have to lock up the pool and the brats pretend they didn’t hear me.

In the HAM world… The ULS (ULS) has updated my FCC listing and now am a “Real” Amateur Extra class, and no longer have to use /AE on my call when on the extra bands. I was glad to see they went quickly, as my general took a couple weeks. When I was going through the Admin section of the ULS I saw they preformed a “Relight Review” of my upgrade. I am not certain what that means, and since I was granted the upgrade I assume nothing was wrong… A friend said they probably questioned my grant because I am in Texas. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions to that statement. Most of the call sign databases have not updated yet, but they will in time.

Yesterday morning I caught myself up on QSL cards, I was about a month behind. I try to keep a rigid process down as I send computerized logs into the ARRL LoTW, and eQSL, along with sending out paper cards. It isn’t like I had a lot of contacts in the month (20 or so) but it does take a lot of time to write the cards out and address all the envelopes. I wonder how the big guns do it? I guess that is why QSLing is somewhat of a dying art. I still need to send the new design off to a printer, I have been being lazy with that. I want to find a quality photo printer that can do them reasonably, but my search hasn’t yielded anyone who’s work I have though was spectacular yet. I am sort of waiting for my next round of cards to arrive, so I can see who everyone else is using also.

We really have no big plans for the up coming weekend, but we should go do somehting as Derek is leaving me Sunday for almost a week for training. I really do hate it when he goes, I worry about him, and get really lonely. Prince and I will have to make do though, as this training is a big thing for him especially since he gets paid to go, and they are paying for it, which is EXTREMELY rare in the consultant world. The bad part is that now it will become harder to exit Texas when we have had enough. I think we are both hoping that his current employer might be willing to do some sort of “work-mobile” situation in the future, as changing jobs right now isn’t the brightest idea, and doesn’t look like it will be anytime in the near future.

Anyhow, that’s all I got…

Have a great day! John

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