Greetings from a stormy Arlington.

We have been without power since 7:00pm last night. The is something wrong with the power coming into the park – probably a transformer or something. Half the park has power – the half where the short-term campers stay. The back section where we are at has no power. We are running our generator a bit this evening to charge the batteries and power the TV, but other then that it is no big deal. This morning I made sure to turn on the propane part of our water heater so I had a warm shower – it worked.

John spent most of the day working on cleaning up after the storms. There was lots more trees and limbs down then he first thought there would be. A few trailers on the edge of the park had some large limbs blown on them that they carefully removed. I don’t think any major damage was done to them. The park looked good when I came home this evening – they did a nice job. On the way to work I saw lots of trees down and piles of tree limbs along the road in Arlington, but not as bad the further north I got.

Another storm cell came through around 9:00am while I was at work. There’s no windows in “Prison Cell #146″ (146 is my cube number my desk is in), but I could hear the rain, thunder and lightening. The roof by my desk started to leak – I could hear the water dropping onto the ceiling tiles and eventually on the carpeted floor. At one point there was a very close lightening strike that shook the metal roof and walls – everyone jumped when that happened…. By noon the storm was over and I went out to Subway for lunch.

John is studying for his ham radio exam tomorrow – so everyone think positive thoughts around 11:00am central time.

Not much else going on. We are going to turn the generator off in a bit, read for a bit and fall asleep. I have a battery powered LED book light that I use for reading – so not having electricity is no big deal.

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