Greetings from another day in Quartzsite, AZ.

John made a yummy breakfast of eggs, sausage and hash browns this morning. It was a nice change from the bowls of cereal we have been eating the past few weeks.

I have a new job lead in Ft. Worth, TX today – my resume has been submitted to the proper people and etc. Now all I need to do is wait until they decide to interview me or not… like the other dozen positions I have been submitted for… I send out follow up emails every three days or so to each of the recruiting companies to keep my name in front of them, but I keep getting the “don’t bother us, we will let you know as soon as we know anything” vibe from them… so, it is hurry up and wait and keep submitting my resume for more jobs that are a good match for my skills….. I’m trying to stay positive, but the whole process is getting a bit old and it just seems like I’m not making much progress… but it is not for lack of trying…

My toe is feeling fine. It is still tender when you press against it, but I’m walking around with a pair of John’s loose fitting shoes on. Starting today I’m taking only 1 Prednisone tablet, instead of two. So far I don’t notice much difference in how my toe feels – I take this as being progress…

After breakfast, John took the Subaru to the water station and filled up the 30 gallon fresh water tank. He used the water to wash the exterior of the RV. He managed to wash the entire vehicle down before running out of water. It really helped to remove the layer of fine desert dust that was stuck to it…

This afternoon I decided to take one of our laptops to the Quartzsite Public Library so I can use their free wi-fi connection. My plan was to update all of my iTunes podcasts, run Software Update and other bandwidth consuming activities – in an attempt to lessen the amount of data I use on our Verizon EVDO card. Our card has a 5 gig limit before we are charged .25 cents a meg. Right now we are at 2.75 gigs used and it is not reset until Feb. 21st. The libraries wifi was free, but they do not allow you to plug in your laptop to wall power anywhere and they have iTunes blocked. So I spent two hours working on my project before my battery went dead. The library was filled with really old people with very expensive laptops that don’t know how to use them. The table I was sitting at had several couples who were having problems getting onto the Wifi with Windows Vista. They kept staring at me (the hip, handsome, computer geek) hoping that I would be nice enough to help them. I was trying to get as much done myself before my battery went dead, so I didn’t help…I put my headphones on, listened to music on my iPod and pretended I did not feel their steely stares at me…. I feel a bit guilty about not trying to assist them, but I decided that if I helped one person then there would be 10 more who would be next in line for assistance… Plus if they had a Macintosh they would not be having the connectivity issues….

John is note feeling very well this evening. His face and arms are all red – I think he got too much sun while working outside – he is watching TV in the bedroom trying to relax… I made supper tonight… breaded chicken sandwiches and mac and cheese – a good cheap “unemployment meal”.

Not much else going on. Ron and Terry might have a fire going tonight – if so I will stop over and be social for a bit. If not, I will continue to work on my programming project, being nice to John and keep trying to find a job.

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