Greetings from another gorgeous day in Palm Springs….

The great job hunt continues… I have a really good lead on another job in the greater Dallas, TX area… The recruiter sounds very positive about me, my ability to easily relocate there and etc. I should know more on Monday. It would be really cool if this one worked out… but never know, so not getting my hopes set too high… but this is probably the best lead I’ve had in two weeks….

The “Great Laundry Basket Revolt of 2009″ started yesterday Morning when I decided that the basket full of dirty laundry has been on my side of the bed long enough. It has been sitting at the foot of the bed, on my side… so I have to crawl in and out of bed by going to the foot of it… There is an equal amount of space on John’s side of the bed, so I revolted and moved the basket over. This did not go over very well – John kept putting it back on my side of the bed and I would then put it back on his side… This went on all day long. John explained that the breaker box was on the wall on his side of the bed and that was a fire hazard and an OSHA violation… If the breaker box is on fire, we have more problems then that basket of clothes – and this is not a work place – OSHA does not apply….

Today John was very unhappy, distraught, and moped around like he lost his only friend… So I conceded and the “Great Laundry Revolt of 2009″ has ended with me conceding to keep the laundry basket on my side of the bed… John says that we will eventually purchase some laundry bags that will hang in the closet for us to put our dirty dainties into…. I told him to not spend the money right now…. I think John is a bit spoiled and set in his ways for his age….


DMC Delorian - If I was going to own a collectable car - this is what I would get... it just scream's 1980's and I love the batwing doors that open upwards... I would have to get a orange vest to wear while driving it like Michael J Fox has in Back to the Future movie...

This afternoon, John, Dave and Mitch went downtown to the Palm Springs Exotic Car Auction. They enjoyed looking at the various cars that will be going on the auction block. Here’s some pictures John took with his cell phone:


1961 Black Cadillac Limo that was owned by Marilyn Monroe...

Dave and John might go back to the auction tomorrow to watch the cars being auctioned off… it would be fun…

This evening we all went out to supper to The Red Tomato and House of Lamb. It is a cute, gay owned Italian restaurant. The service was great, the food was yummy. I had cheese tortellini that was sauteed in garlic, olive oil and spinach leaves with a salad and bread – all was very tasty. I accidentally drizzled some olive oil on my shirt – so it got to try the entree ;) The owner, Bill, stopped by our tabled and chatted with us a bit. He seemed like a nice older guy who really appreciated our patronage. I would definitely go back again….

Later on we might head out to Street Bar to see Miss Fern perform. She does lots of campy covers and gay classics – from Judy Garland, Tina Turner to Cher… Not sure if I’m going or not… my eyes are getting tired and I would have to change my shirt…. ok perhaps I will go… it is a nice evening and they have a outdoor patio with comfortable seats…

Here’s a link to a free video:

Not much else going on… another work week done and over with without a job offer… this is getting old… I need to become employed again – sooner then later… So if anyone hears about a job opening for a Domino Developer – let me know asap… They need to hire, “Derek – Domino Developer to the rich and famous…

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