Greetings from Slab City, CA.


Birds outside our motor home this morning.

When I got up this morning and peeked out the window at 7:15am, the parking lot was almost empty. As explained to us, at 3:00am the hunters hopped in their trucks and went down the road to the wildlife refuge to shoot something. John thinks they are hunting some type of bird – perhaps Snipes? I also noticed that our motor home was surrounded by birds – it was very Alfred Hitchcock – The Birds…

John was ready to head over to Slab City with the motor home, but I recommended that he take the Subaru over and scope it out first while I shower and apply my extensive beauty regime. He agreed and off he went.

He came back about 45 minutes later – by this time I was dressed, made the bed and did the few dishes in the sink. His report about Slab City was a bit discouraging – he said it was full of trash and a “very different” world. He also said that he picked up a hitchhiker who needed a ride to the recycling center. John said that he smelled like he had not showered in a month, but chatted with him and got some useful information – like where to get fresh water for the motor home and etc.

I knew other RV’ers have stayed at Slab City before so I went online to the www.hitchitch.com web site and did a search for Slab City. I read a dozen blog entries – they ranged from “there is no way my $400,000 + motor home is staying there – so we looked around and left“, to “We stayed several days, checked things out, meet interesting people and went on our way.” to “we had fun – a place you want to check out at least once in your life..” I did not see any postings about people having safety issues here and etc. So, we decided to drive the motor home on over and find a place to park.

On the way over we stopped at a gas station that the hitchhiker said we could get free water at. He was right – there was a water spicket at the back of the station – John checked with the attendant and yes we could fill our tank for free. I did buy some gas for the Subaru while John filled the tank – so gave them some business.

We arrived at Slab City 10 minutes later. It was not as bad as I imagined. Yes there’s areas that are very trashy – junk and trash everywhere, but other areas as relatively decent. We parked in a large gravel area and I took the Subaru down a roadway to see if I could find a more interesting, secluded place to park.

I found a flat area close to the Slab City Library. I went back and got John and showed him. We also checked out more of the area, but finally agreed to the spot I picked out. It seemed more crap free and away from people then the other spots.

So we are now all set up. I have EVDO internet (two bars) with the Verizon card. I also made a fire pit because I would like to have a fire this evening.


All set up


Behind us - where I have fire pit all setup.

Here’s a few pictures that I took:


My fire pit - all ready for use this evening. Just add wood.

Also – in yesterday’s posting I forgot to mention that we purchased diesel fuel in Yuma, CA for under $2.00 a gallon – was $1.999!! This will certainly help with the budget. John says that this is the cheapest place in the nation for fuel right now. Here’s a picture of the pump showing the $1.999 per gallon price.


$1.999 a gallon for diesel. Yeah!!

So, the rest of the day we will spend exploring our surroundings, purchasing some firewood and checking out the library. John also mentioned that there is a talent show somewhere in the area that we might check out – could be both a hoot and a holler.

Job search and interviews are on hold until Monday – then the fun starts again… sending out more resumes and etc…

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